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Twitter slides again; Q4 report set for Feb. 5

  • Twitter's (TWTR -7.3%) roller-coaster ride continues: After rallying back to the $70 range last week, shares are down 13% from Friday's intraday high of $70.43, as enthusiasm about Twiiter's long-term potential, concerns about its sky-high valuation (shared by many analysts), and a heavy short interest continue making for a volatile mix.
  • The company has announced after the close its first earnings report as a public company will arrive on the afternoon of Feb. 5. Twitter's active user growth (apparently missed the company's 2013 target) will likely be in focus, as will its efforts to improve its soft international ad sales.
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  • Death knell has sounded. Sanity will return and reality can begin to set in. Wait for it....wait for it...bubble will be popping very soon, so fellas, head for the hills.
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  • As someone said the market can stay irrational a lot longer than you can stay solvent.
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  • Benitus... I claim no skill at all whatsoever with this comment, but I've long felt (and it's yet to be proven) that Twitter symbolizes all that is wrong in public equity markets today, perhaps IPO'ing somewhere near the vicinity of a market top. Time will tell as always...
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  •'re not wrong. A lot of research and home work are done before an IPO is issued, so the pricing is based on sound track records. Over time, the price may change, depending on their subsequent business performance, loss and profits. But for TWTR to change so much and so suddenly is definitely a bubble being pumped up by those who want to cash in on the overblown enthusiasm created by its raving supporters (lambs offered up for slaughter). Eventually, it has to come back to reality. The faster it rockets, the sooner it will crash back to earth. With sufficient support, it may be artificially buoyed up for some time and the price will bop up and down but when these vultures have had their fill, they will go play with some other stocks and then, the bottom will fall out of TWTR. I had been following such plays for years and made money with these vultures, as I only ride the wave created by them. Sometimes I fall off too early, sometimes I stay on too late but most times, I make my money from watching such trends. Sometimes, the reverse happens with very good or sound stocks because of some stupid analysts (like those in GS) making stupid calls that allows these vultures to take advantage of and depress the prices suddenly, which was what happened with FSLR a couple of days ago. That is the reality of the stock market. At least 70% of the players are gamblers and bleachers.
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  • Down down down sell sell sell
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  • Twitter will be up tomorrow. It will rise all the way into earnings. Then they beat estimates - they'll find a way, some metric, some number that will justify it all- and then it rallies over 100. That's what my crystal-ball tells me. I hold no positions but enjoy the thrill ride anyway. All the fun without any of the risks.
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  • Agree, well up on the 9th. No position here either but eagerly looking at a way to get in for some ol' casino fun.
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  •'s too early to tell whether TWTR will resume sliding again or reverse the slide. After a major drop, a slight recovery of a buck or two doesn't mean that the slide has ceased. It's just some over-eager supporters hoping to pick up stock on the cheap or some traders trying to spike the action back up again. If such slight recovery is not sustained, then fears and weak nerves will set in and send the price back down again. That's why it's always important to monitor the volume, number of trades and rate of trades made to get a feel of the action, so that we can stay one step ahead of the trend. Lots of people can say lots of things about any stock but the trick to making money is to stay ahead of the trend (short of insider information or expert networking), so we can ride the wave and hopefully, we don't fall off too early.
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  • good words benitus.....
    9 Jan, 12:45 PM Reply Like
  • You're welcome, berniespear.....If you're interested, let me suggest one play, which I've been making everyday this week. Watch the pre-market price tomorrow morning. If it bounces past $2 or $3 from today's after-market close, then you might want to consider shorting it for a couple hundred shares. When market opens, it might bounce up or down, so you can decide whether to short it further if up or cover your position if down. Everytime it comes down $2 or more, you can reverse your position and wait for the rebound but don't be greedy on the rebound to cash out. If it continues to bounce higher, then you can consider shorting again. Before you know it, you can be up a thousand bucks easy. But always know that you're trading at your own risk. Good luck.
    9 Jan, 01:48 PM Reply Like
  • It's the hottest stock out there right now.....just came in public few months ago......too soon for a pop.....! TWTR being down are just like inhale and exhaling ! Every stock has them...look at the's normal behavior from a strong stock!
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  • Up 80 ,
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  • People with no clue about how the internet works buy stocks at unsustainable prices. Been there, done that.


    Analysts who are terrified to post anything under their name online act like they know the internet culture. I've been online since 1994, working tirelessly to build intelelctual property. Platforms don't matter, content does, or will once people realize that copyrights need to be respected.


    Twitter is a useful website, and has made a great adjustment that enables free speech, by allowing people to respond to those who blocked them. No one should be able to "grab the mic" on the internet, without everyone being given equal time to respond. Not doing this will be FB's downfall.


    Even still, TWIT is worth maybe $15-20 at most. It's useful for celebrities, for PR, and for promotion; no need to buy ads on the service. They'll find a way to make some money like MySpace did but history says they're going to plummet, though they could fly high for a while until they do.
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  • "TWIT" just made my morning. Thank you TSTF.
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  • toosmarttofail...couldn't agree with you more. The momentum of TWTR plummeting from the bubble being punctured will possibly drive it below $20, where it may settle for a while before being played up a bit whenever it gets the chance. For the foreseeable future, there's nothing about Tweeter that can generate significant revenue to change the dynamics and justify a much higher price, certainly not the stupid price of $60 or higher, as it has been played up mostly.
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    Twitter's Lockup expiration. A comparison with FB and Friends...
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