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ADP: December job gain strongest of 2013

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  • ADP recession indicator firmly out of sight
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  • Most jobs in Service Sector approx 108K, comprising of Retail, transportation probably increase in temp part time jobs for the Holiday Season. If the Economy is adding jobs why is the Admin want UE extensions, Why is the Fed continuing QE Forever due to high Unemployment. Why is the Labor Participation rate the lowest in 35 years.
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  • 'Why is the Labor Participation rate the lowest in 35 years."


    Think outside your bias...our economy doesn't need as many workers to produce more... look
    at a chart of GDP to inexorable climb of productivity
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  • Per your statement "Our economy doesn't need as many worker's to produce". that's why they call this a jobless recovery. Since the US is a consumer nation, where does the growth come from? When millions are out of work and the government wants amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. 1 in 4 adults between 18-32 yrs of age are living at home, Cities across USA in or near bankruptcy. According to the Social Security Administration, 40 percent of all U.S. workers make less than $20,000 a year. When Barack Obama took office, the average duration of unemployment in this country was 19.8 weeks. Today, it is 37.2 weeks. According to the New York Times, long-term unemployment in America is up by 213 percent since 2007. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median household income in the United States has fallen for five years in a row. According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation conducted by the U.S. Census, well over 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government. BBRO, your right there is no recession coming, because the nation
    never recovered from the current one.
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  • Please give us more "non" recoveries...SPY up 200% (dividends reinvested) since 3/09/09...GDP per employee
    today $117,204....4q 2007 100,428...10 years ago 84,500.....50 years ago 9,461
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  • No. More like the right-wing nuts never recovered from their "mind recession".
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  • bbro, your right SPY up 200% what does that have to do with the person on the street. The Stock Market can go to 50k, and the GDP per employed can go to 200k, that doesn't mean the Economy is growing, (only for a few). Theoretically, all they have to do is layoff more people, and force remaining workers to produce the same and the GDP per employee will show improvement.
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  • This web site is called Seeking Alpha not Seeking Social Parity...don't you worry the Business Cycle will create the jobs.Here is a hint..... it really doesn't matter who is elected the Business Cycle
    Gods laugh at the humans who think "if we only elected a certain person everything will get better".
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  • Not seeking Social Party, just pointing out that The Market is not the same as the Economy.
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  • Extending UE is simply buying votes.
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  • so are tax cuts.
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  • Ugh. Here we go.
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  • Strong jobs growth means wage pressure.


    That means inflation.


    Look at North Dakota for a sign of where things are heading.
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  • Love North Dakota....any real uptick in inflation and the Fed is in a nasty corner. Bonds will get crushed.
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  • Why? The Fed can hold its assets to maturity.
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  • In terms of thier policies...If infaltion were to spike, it would force them to unwind QE quickly since 2% inflation is one of thier thresholds for QE
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  • Not to mention paying off our debt at a higher interest rate! Don't forget that ...
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  • Unwinding QE (a.k.a. stopping it) is different from reducing their balance sheet.
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  • What is the average interest rate of US debt right now? Higher interest rates will affect new debt, not existing.
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  • Then what happens at maturity, idkmybffjill?
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  • They receive their principal back on the bond investments they hold....
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  • And that principal is cash, no?
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  • North Dakota total nonfarm employment is only 455,000.....3/10 of one percent of total nonfarm
    employment in the United States...
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  • North Dakota isn't the driver.


    It is the incubator.


    Imagine that state's wage pressures and localized inflation in California, Florida or New York.


    If you dream of strong job growth with ultra-loose monetary policy then you have those consequences to look forward to.
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  • It helps to have the Bakken formation and hydraulic fracturing technology...QE doesn"t do squat for North Dakota...
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  • Someone give me a firm idea of what is happening in ND, I haven't been paying close enough attention. I am aware of the Bakken shale and the high employment, is it in a real estate boom/bubble like the rest of the country was up until 2007?
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  • Inflation is becoming a massive problem in North Dakota:



    This is what will happen if America starts producing 400,000+ new jobs per month.
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  • Fargo is -18 degrees right now....
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  • Right, the point is that strong job growth leads to falling temperatures... if the Fed ever achieves its employment mandate, we'll all freeze to death for sure!
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  • I knew the Fed was the reason for the Polar Vortex....
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  • A play on ND is OTTR, it is a utility, but also has several sub divisions, one of which provides PVC pipes. I believe OTTR is headquartered in MINN. but they have a strong foot print in the Dakotas. There is a lot of build out of infrastructure going on in that region. mnl
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