Merge Healthcare revises backlog totals after internal investigation

|About: Merge Healthcare Incorporated. (MRGE)|By:, SA News Editor

Merge Healthcare (MRGE) says it "recently learned through an internal review that a former sales employee in its eClinical business had falsified the existence or amount of certain customer contracts."

No restatement of previously reported financial statements is necessary.

MRGE is reducing non-GAAP subscription backlog totals for the Merge DNA unit.

Here are the revised figures (in thousands): June 30, 2012, $21,936; September 30, 2012, $29,004; December 31, 2012, $29,108; March 31, 2013, $32,270; June 30, 2013, $37,432; September 30, 2013, $41,219.

Ultimately, the employee falsified $5.8M worth of contracts in 2012 and $9.4M last year. The (apparent) rationale: "The individual [likely] falsified these contracts in order to achieve sales quotas and receive additional commissions totaling approximately $250K." (PR)