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Athersys adds to gains on heavy volume

  • Athersys (ATHX +23.4%) is on its way to logging a banner session.
  • The shares are up around 35% this week, helped by SA contributor U.S. Biotech Investor, who has penned two bullish articles recently.
  • In a piece published Tuesday afternoon, the author said the shares "face almost no risk for significant downside" between now and the release of UC data in April.
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  • toosmarttofail
    , contributor
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    Like houses, ATHX just keeps going up and up!! Nice rally, but lots of stem companies do this. ATHX has been higher than this before. It's great for people who got in low, or even yesterday, assuming the gains aren't given back.


    OPTIONS would have soared; are there any?


    This is encouraging, because when ACTC reveals to the world that they've cured blindness, they'll probably hit a ten-bagger. I hate letting easy 20 percent gains go, but I'm not going to risk missing out on a 1000% gain to get it. Also ATHX will retrace at some point.


    The PSTIw (same adult-cell bet basically) are at $0.42 now, way up from their recent lows of $0.18. Looks like the sector is at the beginning of a bubble.


    Since no one is recommending this as a trading stock, I hope they survive Phase II results. If they do, it might be time to short REGN and other Big Pharma dinosaurs.


    NBS has had runs like this, as has OSIR. This could also be a short squeeze, in which case the shorts will come back in at the top. What I said at $3.10 applies even more here. The same information was available when this stock was $1.54, and a lot of people might be taking profits. It's well known that many swing traders are in this stock, and now they're up over 100 percent.


    Anyone who wants to chase this stock, feel free, but more often than not, they come back. The question is when, where, how far, and from what peak. How many more people aqre going to buy before the Phase II results come out? Let's hope it's not another ARIA or IMUC. Check out their charts. Also check out CELG for the opposite motion.


    Lots of money to be made in biotech. ACTC presents next week, as do several others, like PSTI. NWBOw made a nice move today as well.
    8 Jan 2014, 04:10 PM Reply Like
  • seelisa
    , contributor
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    A few months until catalyst - I agree that it should retrace back to good entry point for those concerned that they missed it. Probably not a bad place for longs to skim some profits, esp if they want to hold thru ph2 IBD results release. Nothing wrong with protecting self from potential losses, while staying in the game for potential gains!
    8 Jan 2014, 10:40 PM Reply Like
  • getreal10000
    , contributor
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    I'm thrilled with my ATHX shares, especially after a day like today, and am very grateful to own them. If it does retrace, I'm fine with that and will simply buy more. I don't understand why you keep knocking this particular stock? An average person like myself has a chance to make some $$ AND invest in something positive for the future. That's a win-win to me, and probably to many other people.


    I've no doubt there are other good bio stocks (as you point out), maybe even the one you support, but please realize going negative on ATHX doesn't make a case for ACTC....the opposite, in fact. I hope you consider writing a positive article for ACTC, just like the ATHX Contributors have done. Yes, that takes a lot of work but in all sincerity, it's likely a much more productive use of your time than posts like the one above.. Good luck.
    8 Jan 2014, 07:45 PM Reply Like
  • toosmarttofail
    , contributor
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    Let's see: stock up another $0.25 in premarket. Looks like the public is just slow, and the FREE MONEY keeps going on!


    Either that or the public is just reacting to the hype, and the rally will unwind in a nasty manner. At some point this stock will be heavily overbought. Most PHase II stem companies don't sustain market caps that are very high.


    Still think options are the way to go here.
    9 Jan 2014, 08:52 AM Reply Like
  • toosmarttofail
    , contributor
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    The Japan news is even better for ACTC, since they are about to finish Phase I of their RPE trials, and all indications are they are safe, which means ACTC can make much-needed cash by putting their treatment on the market in Japan immediately.


    Given that ATHX has run up on this news already, ACTC should do well also, and hopefully the runup will be as large as ATHX.


    ACTC has two clear advantages: they use embryonic cells, and they aren't trying to attack a complex disease structure. The odds of failure in Phase II/III failure here is still very strong for non-embryonic companies or those which try to treat whole-body systems, but traders will probably make a fortune before the bagholders get screwed in that area. ARIA is a good example: it went from $24 down to $2.15 before its "dead cat bounce."
    9 Jan 2014, 08:58 AM Reply Like
  • toosmarttofail
    , contributor
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    $4.07 right now....has the roller coaster reached the top of the hill?


    I'd never short a stem company but I can see why others might at this juncture. Still say options are the way to go if you like it, given the multiplier upward or the less risk of a downside.
    9 Jan 2014, 02:46 PM Reply Like
  • 11137741
    , contributor
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    OMG ! Give it a break already pumping your stocks. There are recommendations for ATHX. It is a legit business. Who wants to own your ACTC that has 3B outstanding shares and a price of less than .06. or warrants, no normal trader knows how they work. Why dont you just quit pushing trash stocks and quit bashing good stocks....


    SA should ban you.
    9 Jan 2014, 08:30 PM Reply Like
  • toosmarttofail
    , contributor
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    Rally looks like it's running out of steam. It's having difficulty breakingg the top, will probably run at it one more time, and when all the wing and day traders get out, you'll see the real rally number, which is probably around $2.75-3.00.


    If it goes up from here, the retracement target goes up, but the more it rallies, the greater the likelihood of a pullback. Wouldn't shock me if they tried to raise money by diluting the stock; that's what tipped me to them last time.


    Those who like adult-cell companies can hedge their bets with ACTC for embryonic, or NWBOw (or NWBO for auto-cells). OSIR has also been rallying as has STML as of late.


    ATHX options, if they are around, are a great way to multipy gains, as aqre PSTI warrants at $0.45, which yields 3.74x the gain of the stock pridce, plus with a time multiplier through 2017. If PSTI goes up 10x in the next year, the warrants would go up 100x or more.
    10 Jan 2014, 12:39 AM Reply Like
  • 11137741
    , contributor
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    If you want to do people a favor go into detail about how Warrants work. What they really are ? Represent? When do you get or not get your money ? How or when the Warrants change or are exercised into actual stocks. Many people stay away (us commoners) as you elit-us-asses callith us. I for one understand them, but not fully. One thing I don't know is if all Warrants are the same ?


    Anyway, give a detailed description of these Warrants and exactly how they will play out. What would be the Full benefit of buying them and when it would pay off. It would make your angle for a particular stock look much more appelling... Just a thought on how you can post without always saying the same thing over and over.
    10 Jan 2014, 08:28 AM Reply Like
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