Facebook roundup: Deutsche note, Little Eye, social games

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Though it fell just short of its all-time high of $58.58, Facebook (FB +0.5%) delivered a record close today with the help of a bullish note from Deutsche's Ross Sandler.

Sandler, who sang Google's praises yesterday, says he wouldn't be surprised if Facebook's ad revenue growth (+66% Y/Y in Q3) re-accelerated in Q4 thanks to improving monetization and still-rising engagement.

Android app monitoring tool developer Little Eye Labs has confirmed its expected acquisition by Facebook. A source tells TechCrunch the startup, which bolsters Facebook's efforts to become the top platform for consumer mobile/Web app development, was acquired for $10M-$15M.

During a recent interview, Facebook (FB) game partnership director Sean Ryan asserts Facebook is still seeing growing PC gaming activity, in spite of the mobile shift. That's a positive for Zynga (ZNGA), provided the company can stabilize its share. Ryan also claims the development of cross-platform games (e.g. Zynga Poker, Candy Crush Saga) yields higher engagement on both mobile and PCs.

PC gaming still remains easier for Facebook to monetize, since the company (rather than Apple or Google) gets a 30% cut on in-app purchases. On mobile, Facebook is focused on monetizing gaming via its app install ads.