Sell-side pleased with 3D Systems, Stratasys CES launches

|About: 3D Systems Corp. (DDD)|By:, SA News Editor

Like others on the Street, FBR's Ajay Kejriwal is pleased with 3D Systems' (DDD) and Stratasys (SSYS) CES product launches, and has respectively raised his PTs for the 3D printer makers to $98 from $85, and $165 from $155. Kejriwal's prior targets were set during his Dec. 2 coverage launches.

During CES, 3D Systems announced: 1) The CubeJet, a sub-$5K printer that combines the company's ColorJet printing tech (typically found in costlier models) with the ease-of-use of 3D's cheaper Cube printers. 2) The Touch, a $499 3D sculpting/design mouse that uses haptic feedback to purportedly "[mimic] the sense of physical sculpting." 3) Two printers - the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro - for printing edible confections. 4) The CeraJet, a sub-$10K printer for creating color ceramic objects. 5) The Cube 3, a sub-$1K device that 3D claims is "the first plug & play consumer printer."

Meanwhile, Stratasys' MakerBot unit launched: 1) A 5th-gen Replicator 3D printer (goes for $2,899) that feature a larger build volume and 3.5" touchscreen. 2) The Replicator Mini, a $1,379 compact printer with a built-in camera and Wi-Fi. 3) The Replicator Z18, a $6,499 large-format printer that takes MakerBot's product line upmarket.

Rivals were also busy: Several startups launched sub-$1K 3D printer, with nearly all emphasizing ease-of-use. These companies can't match the software support and Web marketplace ecosystems 3D Systems and MakerBot provide, but could exert low-end price pressure.

3D Systems now trades at 74x 2014E EPS, and Stratasys at 57x 2014E EPS.