Veeva falls; SA author reports Genentech dropped company for Salesforce

|About: Veeva Systems Inc. (VEEV)|By:, SA News Editor

SA author Suhail Capital reports major Veeva Systems (VEEV -5.7%) client Genentech/Roche has dropped the company's cloud CRM software platform in favor of a custom product that leverages Veeva partner Salesforce's (CRM +3.6%) cloud app development (PaaS) platform.

Suhail points out Genentech was the first major company to sign up for Veeva's life sciences-focused cloud CRM solution (back in 2007/2008). It believes Veeva lost less than 2K seats, and that the move "appears to be consistent with Roche's global initiative to standardize on the platform."

The author had previously argued Veeva's strategic partnership with Salesforce, through which Salesforce allows Veeva to use its infrastructure and provides it with "platform level functionality" in exchange for a fee (believed by Suhail to be ~20% of subscription revenue), limits Veeva's future growth, since it restricts the company from offering sales automation software to non-pharma/biotech companies.

In addition, Suhail suspects Veeva will have to likely make a "big financial concession" to Salesforce when its current deal expires next year, given its dependence on Salesforce's platform.

Pac Crest is defending Veeva. The firm points out Veeva and Salesforce have a non-compete agreement, and thinks the latter is motivated to see the former succeed.