Broadcasters might pull the nuclear option if Aereo wins in Supreme Court

|By:, SA News Editor

Aereo plans to launch its service in Cincinnati next week as it continues on its expansion path despite the legal objections from major broadcasters.

The formula will be same for the consumers in the three states that are within Cincinnati's broadcasting range: $8 a month for 30 OTA channels.

Legal handicappers have given an edge to Aero in its Supreme Court battle, but ABC (DIS), Fox (FOXA), CBS (CBS), and NBC (CMCSA) might have an ace up their sleeve.

The nuclear option: If the major broadcasters move away from the OTA broadcasting world to re-emerge on cable they would remove themselves from the tight content control of the FCC. Edgy shows in the spirit of The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, or True Blood could be part of the programming mix to boost ratings and advertising revenue.