Microsoft's CEO search may be done; H-P promotes Windows 7

|About: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)|By:, SA News Editor

Kara Swisher reports getting several calls from sources "insisting they heard it from major investors and other Wall Street sources" that Microsoft's (MSFT -0.4%) board has made its CEO choice, and would soon reveal it.

However, she adds sources from both inside and outside Microsoft think an announcement "would more likely be toward the end of this month at the earliest." A previous report suggested a decision wouldn't happen until February.

Swisher also reports Bill Gates is likely to remain "more active" within Microsoft following its CEO choice. That might not sit well with certain candidates.

Ericsson CEO Hans Vestburg was added to the list of rumored CEO candidates last week. Also: Amazon e-commerce tech platform chief Brian Valentine, who was in charge of Windows engineering at Microsoft before leaving in '06, is resigning from Amazon, and hasn't yet disclosed why.

Meanwhile, H-P (HPQ +0.1%) is once more selling Windows 7 PCs to consumers, and isn't shy about targeting users unhappy with Windows 8. "Windows 7--back by popular demand," reads one graphic on H-P's site.

Recent reports indicate Windows 9 (expected in April 2015) will feature the return of the Start menu, along with other major changes relative to Windows 8.