A different strategy for movie studios in 2014?

|By:, SA News Editor

Movie studios have bucked up for fewer Super Bowl ads this year after the companies have failed to get the bang for the buck in the past amid edgy competition for viewers' attention.

Sony (SNE), Lions Gate (LGF), Paramount (VIAB) all have spots lined up, while Disney (DIS) is still negotiating to add another two or three commercials for a slate of movies across its studios, but the overall number of movie ads will be lower than in the last few years.

What to watch: Media analysts think 2014 will see slight shift in spending by studios across properties as they try to shift away from the tired superhero/sequel model. However, they also concede that the year might be just a blip on the radar before the Star Wars franchise reboots and Superman teams up with Batman in a highly-anticipated Warner Bros. (TWX) film set for 2015 or 2016.