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WSJ: Keystone pipeline decision on collision course with midterm elections

  • The Obama administration is set to complete a critical phase of its Keystone XL (TRP) pipeline review next month, WSJ reports, setting the stage for Pres. Obama to make a decision on approving the controversial project in the thick of the midterm campaign season.
  • The State Department aims to release a report on the environmental impact of the proposed pipeline extension next month, sources tell WSJ, a move that could put Obama on track to make a decision by May or June.
  • Administration officials have long been vague about the timing of the State Department review.
Comments (12)
  • Would it not be terrible if the Obama administration was found to delay the release of the EIR for political reasons!
    24 Jan, 08:31 AM Reply Like
  • Six years of dithering, going on seven! What a travesty!
    24 Jan, 09:43 AM Reply Like
  • Obama's theory if we don't let them have oil and gas, they have to go solar and wind.
    24 Jan, 09:51 AM Reply Like
  • Taking bets, the Non-Decider, will push back decision yet again. Can afford to Hollywood and the other aspects of the far left in the middle of fundraising for midterms.....job growth be damned
    24 Jan, 10:30 AM Reply Like


    It's amazing how woefully ill-informed the public is on this project. The only way the pipeline gets done is through the eminent domain land grab in OK and TX. 40 years ago every Republican House member would be on the floor protesting these It looks like the unlimited contributions from the Oil/Gas industry trumps true conservative values like private property rights...that's the true "travesty".
    24 Jan, 11:00 AM Reply Like
  • Hello! Hello - its the same rules that they use for any and all infrastructure projects that will have to cross private and public lands. Without these rules the nation would be paralyzed and you could not get anything done and I will bet the you can not find one project running thousands of miles over land that did not have to use this law. You have lots to pick from as America has many thousands of miles of pipelines cris-crossing it as well as hydro lines roads and rail ways.
    24 Jan, 11:35 AM Reply Like
  • Correct, but don't confuse the Interstate Highway system with the seizure of private property by a Canadian firm and the acquiescence of such actions by US politicians who want to retain the label of conservative...they are not....and the amen corner of comments on this thread that foolishly believe this is a left-right is not. My point is clear...if you support the construction of the XL pipeline, you have no right to call yourself a conservative...and the comments on this thread support my contention that the public who think this is a left-right issue are ill-informed. Also consider the fact that if you are a rancher in TX, you take little risk in the construction of a rail system or highway system on your land (could even support your business), but if your aquifer is effected by the slightest leak (which has already happened) you are out of business, so I don't see the same parallels you see.
    24 Jan, 12:01 PM Reply Like
  • How many pipelines already run under the ground in Texas? IMO - There is no relation between being conservative and support or lack of for Keystone or the laws around eminent domain. Also - what land grab?? for the most part the line is buried and after construction the land owner can go back to using it as before and is compensated for the use of property. I suspect that what we have in many cases amounts the "not in my back yard syndrome". IMO the laws as they are on eminent domain only amount to common sense that allow America to function.
    24 Jan, 01:48 PM Reply Like
  • "By eminent domain, TransCanada seized part of Bishop’s 20 acres near Nacogdoches for construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which the company insisted needed to be built right through his orchard and garden."
    That is taken directly from the article I linked. Does "seized" seem more friendly to you than "land grab"? There are currently 1200 in TX and OK (all commercial ranchers and farmers) who are in legal battles with TransCanada over the use of there land. If you understand tar sands then you understand the corrosive nature of it as opposed to sweet crude. Burying the line will cause more problems not less.
    24 Jan, 02:47 PM Reply Like
  • Obama will probably punt again as it seems that that is all he knows how to do. He is kind of in a pickle this time though as oil by rail is showing that it has a lot of problems and a non decision may actually cost him votes. He may actually have to man up for once and make a decision! ;-)
    24 Jan, 11:38 AM Reply Like
  • Obama will vote present as he always does. He would rather send that dirty oil to China. Should work out just fine.
    24 Jan, 03:06 PM Reply Like
  • Warren Buffet profited in shipments by rail cars, he also is an Obama supporter.
    26 Jan, 08:52 AM Reply Like
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