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Small caps hit hardest as stocks tumble

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  • you won't hear me agree with one element of the MSM too often...although we are talking a girl here so generally I make exceptions for that.. so I think Melissa Lee "get's it" when she says this is all about China.


    I think the thesis is fundamentally flawed..."China growth"...and while I am not arguing this is intentional it does represent a profound "mis-underestimation" of just what China actually "is."


    Is the China growth story "for real"? Absolutely. But one need only look at the boom and bust cycles of the US "growth story" for an ample number of cautionary tales.


    Have we already forgotten 2008 already?


    I do agree the "yuan/dollar" exchange rate program is designed to be mutually beneficial. That does not mean everything goes according to "plan" however.


    "Sometimes" people take matters into their own hands.
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  • The market goes up and down not because the US indicators are weak. The markets behavior today is due to pros on wall street who missed the rally and want to get in. I say that the they create the fear and negativity...over time they do this carefully and methodically so that everyone in the market start believing them to the point that they have no choices to get out and get out quickly. Eventually when the storm is over, the market will rebounds and moves higher.....the pros are always the winners....
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  • How is your comments helping me to understand if the Russell 2000 that represent the small business in America will do above the current value in the next 3-6 months
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  • The Russell 2000 is beyond over-valued ... it has a long way to fall before becoming reflective of real underlying value. Today, the R2000 has a TTM PE of 86.73 versus 31.65 a year ago. While it is typically higher than the NDX (TTM PE = 21.77) and SPX (TTM PE = 18.91), I don't remember a R2000 metric this extended ... except back in 2007 ;-)
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  • In January 2005 from 12/31/2004 to 1/24/05 SPY lost 3.57% and MDY lost 4.57%....from that point until the ending of the year....
    SPY was up 8.71% and MDY went up 17.96%
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  • Stocks will rebound and gain everything back after the FMOC meeting on Wednesday., and rally into record territory.
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  • It's no secrete that the Russell 2000 extended it self...we don't know if last week peak is true's time to be out for at least 1-2 weeks until 7-10 percent correction is done from last weeks peak....wait for 1100 level and than test the 1050 might take up to two weeks to get there...if it reaches to 1050 level and it bounces back toward 1100 then it's a signal to buy TNA...for now It's time to relax and be out for a while!!!
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  • Agree!!! Give it about two weeks
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  • Agreed. Stocks will rebound strongly - there's got to be one more big up-leg before the market craters.
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  • Why not find the historic low, the 52 week low, historic high and 52 week high and make judgments? This current silliness of getting people crazy at 3% falls from all time highs is not useful and merely encourages uninformed investors to make unhelpful moves enriching brokers and impoverishing themselves. I am personally outraged by the noise on TV urging people to buy "dips" and then hang on for the stocks will of course recover. Inevitably when the fall finishes at 30/40/50% down, whatever, and the new "investors" bail at the exact predictable all time low, a whistle heard only by dogs rises above Wall Street in approbation of another really clever theft relieving assets from soft hands and placing them soundly in...well you know where.
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