More on Twitter: NYT column argues service hurt by "one-upmanship"

|By:, SA News Editor

Over the weekend, the NYT published a much-discussed column warning Twitter (TWTR -7.8%) may have "reached a turning point, a phase in which its contributors have stopped trying to make the service as useful as possible for the crowd, and are instead trying to distinguish themselves from one another."

Though author Jenna Wortham admits Twitter can still act as a compelling source for real-time news and interesting content, she argues the constant need for "one-upmanship" among users is leading the service to "feel calcified, slowed down by the weight of its own users, cumbersome, less exciting than exhausting."

Not everyone (fully) agrees. TechCrunch's Anthony Ha thinks Wortham makes "some very interesting anecdotal points," but also considers her Twitter experience "atypical," given she follows over 4K users. "Has Twitter become less informative and more self-promotional? In my experience, it has always been a mix, and I’m not sure that mix has changed all that significantly."

The Next Web's Jon Russell makes a similar point, and argues (like others) Twitter's main problem isn't keeping its core base engaged, but turning new users into regulars.