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Sprint rallies following T-Mobile CEO remarks, 4G update

  • During a Bloomberg TV interview, outspoken T-Mobile USA (TMUS -0.1%) CEO John Legere provided fresh hints his firm is open to merging with Sprint (S +6.5%).
  • Legere: "We all need better scale and capability ... The question starts to be: How do you take the maverick and supercharge it? We either need more spectrum and capability and a lot more investment, or we need consolidation."
  • Sprint and parent SoftBank (SFTBF, SFTBY) have been widely reported to be lining up financing to acquire Deutsche Telekom's (DTEGF, DTEGY) 67% T-Mobile USA stake. But regulators might object to a tie-up, particularly given T-Mobile's efforts to shake up the U.S. mobile industry via aggressive/novel pricing schemes.
  • Separately, Sprint announces it has expanded its 4G LTE network to cover 40 more markets, including Milwaukee and Salt Lake City. Sprint, which is trying to neutralize Verizon and AT&T's LTE coverage leads, now offers LTE in 340 markets.
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  • Such a deal would make a lot of sense to both companies and could get past the regulatory hurdles with the right package for DISH. Long TMUS.
    27 Jan, 01:51 PM Reply Like
  • I tried to switch to tmobile last weekend and then after ordering a new sim and plan got a email that all sims are on backorder till 01/31. So had to go to straight talk.
    This either means they are grabbing alot of new customers and cant keep up or there supply chain is not great.
    27 Jan, 03:11 PM Reply Like
  • I have had TMO for years and truly there are great. Took a friend to the local TMO store over the weekend and HOLLY CRAP! The store was packed.. But I don't get it?? All the phones come with a SIM card in the box, with the phone AND they have them behind the counter.. are you sure you are telling us the real story here?
    29 Jan, 01:34 PM Reply Like
  • You sure you are telling us the whole story? Every phone comes with a SIM card in the box and of course they have thousands behind the desk.


    I was in a TMO store with a friend this weekend getting him setup (I have used TMO for years) and while they were PACKED they were doing business.... lots of business and had SIMS.
    29 Jan, 01:34 PM Reply Like
  • Just switched from Sprint to T-mobile. The store was packed when I did the transaction. So far, really happy. Pricing is a lot better. Their recent offer to cover cancellation fees when moving from other carriers must be creating a lot of volume for them. I agree: long TMUS.
    27 Jan, 06:09 PM Reply Like
  • gosh, I'm going on vacation to Mexico, and called my carrier T-moble about roaming charges concerns. The woman said there was' no more roaming charges', no problem to use outside USA !!!
    WOW that saves big time money. Furthermore... she looked at my plan, upgraded it with a couple goodise and changed my monthly bill to $10. LESS PER MONTH !!! wow when does such things happen I couldn't believe...something for the customer for a change!!!
    I now own the stock !!!!
    28 Jan, 08:08 AM Reply Like
  • So great to hear. I have been a customer for years and am their biggest fan. As an IT executive I know a thing or two about not only the network but performance. I have had all the carriers and from a financial perspective I could any one of them that I choose. I stay with T-Mobile because of the consistently fast internet and great customer care. The pricing is just that layer of icing on top of the cake.


    The new CEO is a breath of fresh air. Until I ran across him at CES I had no idea about the executive change. I really really like this guy.
    29 Jan, 01:34 PM Reply Like
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