Keystone foes use rail constraints to urge rejection

|By:, SA News Editor

“There is no way, no how that the tar sands gets out of the ground as fast - or at all - without this pipeline,” summarizes the latest twist in environmentalists' opposition to the Keystone XL (TRP) pipeline; and trains can't possibly move all the oil out of Canada's oil sands, which would hold down greenhouse gas emissions.

In a flurry of lobbying, the Sierra Club and other groups have been pressing for the final U.S. State Department report to account for limits on rail; if it’s not feasible to move large quantities of additional oil by rail, the pipeline would be the culprit in worsening climate change, they argued in a meeting last month with State Department officials.

Shipping by rail costs at least twice as much as pipeline, which will "have a material impact on how much of this stuff gets bought up and how much of it gets sold."