Facebook now +12.4% AH; Zuck talks Messenger growth, standalone apps

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Instagram's user base has doubled over the last year, says COO David Ebersman on Facebook's (FB) Q4 CC. With the mobile photo-sharing service having possessed 90M MAUs a year ago, that suggests Instagram might now have 180M. Instagram passed 150M MAUs in September.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed Facebook is interested in developing more standalone mobile apps. "[We will] build a handful of great new experiences that are separate from what you think of as Facebook today." That backs up a report from The Verge stating Facebook plans to launch several new apps in 2014, as it tries to maintain mindshare in an environment where each app is one of many icons on a smartphone home screen.

Zuck also stated Facebook Messenger (one of its standalone apps) has seen 70% growth over the last 3 months, and claims its efforts to emphasize "high-quality" news content stem from the realization that content receiving a large number of "likes" isn't necessarily the content users want to see.

Though responsible for less than 1/6 of Facebook's MAUs, North America still accounted for 47% of revenue in Q4. While Facebook's North American ARPU is at $6.03, its ARPUs for Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world are still only at $2.61, $0.95, and $0.84, respectively.

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