Boeing's McNerney says currency swings won't hurt business

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

A chunk of Boeing's (BA) outsized loss (-5.3% today) after reporting strong Q4 results but soft 2014 guidance is explained by investor jitters over emerging markets.

Airlines based in emerging market powerhouses such as China, India, Indonesia and Turkey account for more than a third of the bulging order books at Boeing and Airbus (EADSF, EADSY) as carriers buy thousands of new fuel-efficient jets to satisfy demand driven by relatively high economic growth.

The sharp currency devaluations that have pushed up interest rates in some countries are raising concerns that growth could be slowed, forcing airlines to cancel or defer new planes, but Boeing's Jim McNerney seemed to shrug off concerns during his earnings call, saying he doesn't "see an epidemic" of currency volatility.

"Even a 20% move in currency isn't going to get in the way of providing [30% to 50%] improvement in overall economics that these planes have," the CEO said.