Google now +4.4% AH; stock split to finally take place

|By:, SA News Editor

After initially treading water in response to its Q4 report, Google (GOOG) has jumped to new highs. A likely factor: The company has announced a long-delayed stock split that (by creating "Class C" shares with no voting power) will further cement Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt's control over the company is set to finally take place.

Following the split (set for April 2), Google's newly-created Class C shares will trade under the company's present symbol, while currently-traded Class A shares will trade under the symbol GOOGL.

Google's CC (live blog) was predictably upbeat, and predictably short on specifics. Sales chief Nikesh Arora claims Google's closely-watched Enhanced Campaigns (creates joint PC/tablet search ad campaigns) is yielding strong ROIs, but doesn't provide any numbers. He also talked up YouTube's efforts to partner with Nielsen (NLSN) to measure video ad campaigns for marketers.

Larry Page, who mentioned in October he wouldn't be joining some earnings calls, didn't join this one.

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