Twitter buys patents from IBM, enters into cross-licensing deal

|By:, SA News Editor

Twitter (TWTR -1.2%) has bought 900 patents from IBM (IBM -0.9%) for an undisclosed sum.  The sale, along with an attached cross-licensing agreement, ends an IP dispute between Twitter and IBM related to patents the latter believed the former was infringing.

In prior years, IBM has sold 750 patents to Facebook, and over 2K patents to Google. The company has consistently topped U.S. patent grant rankings for two decades, and is believed to generate ~$1B/year in patent licensing revenue.

The deal shores up Twitter's relatively paltry IP portfolio, a portfolio that some have considered a business risk. Twitter, through its Innovator's Patent Agreement, has promised it won't use patents created by its own engineers/designers for "offensive litigation" without their creators' consent.