RealtyShares accepting Bitcoin

|By:, SA News Editor

In a marriage of Bitcoin (BITCN) and crowdfunding, RealtyShares - a small player in the newish area of crowdfunded real estate investment - becomes one of the first in the field to accept the digital currency.

Investments of as low at $1K - just over one Bitcoin at the current price - will be allowed.

"When you move $10K across the sea you can end up spending $200 or $300 just on transaction fees," says one owner of Bitcoin looking for a place to invest. "It's a nightmare. It takes ages and it's very irritating." Transferring Bitcoin, however, is nearly instantaneous and generates no fees (not to mention minimal documentation).

"By accepting Bitcoin and offering an innovative online investment platform that allows people to crowdfund private real estate investments, RealtyShares opens up the $500 Billion investment real-estate market to a much broader set of investors," says the company.