Reuters: Two senior H-P execs sidelined by Whitman set to leave

|By:, SA News Editor

Sources tell Reuters Dave Donatelli and Todd Bradley, once the heads of H-P's (HPQ) enterprise hardware and PC/printing ops, are set to leave the IT giant after being reassigned in 2013. The execs are said to have "accepted a deal of new stock options in exchange for a quiet exit."

Last June, Meg Whitman tasked Bradley with leading the company's Chine ops and channel partner expansion efforts. Two months later, Donatelli was reassigned to the role of "identifying early-stage companies with new technologies;" many have assumed his departure was only a matter of time.

Donatelli reportedly wanted a spinoff of his unit, and both execs are said to have "disagreed with aspects of Whitman's vision."

Judging by the Y/Y sales growth improvements H-P's PC, printer, and enterprise hardware ops delivered in the company's Oct. quarter, the reassignments seem to be working out for now.