Activision sees WoW sub growth, ups dividend; 2014 guidance light

|About: Activision Blizzard, Inc (ATVI)|By:, SA News Editor

Activision's (ATVI) guidance is a little soft, but investors don't seem to mind. The game developer expects Q1 revenue of $675M and EPS of $0.09 (below a consensus of $679M and $0.11), and 2014 revenue of $4.6B and EPS of $1.26 (below a consensus of $4.6B and $0.09).

The company has also announced it's hiking its dividend by a penny to $0.20/share (1.2% yield), and is repaying a $375M term loan.

Also of note: World of Warcraft subs, declining in recent quarters, managed to rise by 200K in Q4 to 7.8M.

Console-related sales fell 14% Y/Y in Q4, and made up 64% of revenue. Online subscription sales (9% of revenue, heavily tied to World of Warcraft) fell 27% and made up 9% of revenue; PC sales (5% of revenue) fell 4%, distribution sales (8% of revenue) rose 29%, and all other sales (inc. mobile and toys/accessories) fell 14%.

North American sales (53% of total) -8% Y/Y, Europe (40% of total) -14%, Asia-Pac (7% of total) -34%.

R&D spend -11% Y/Y to $197M. Sales/marketing +8% to $239M.

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