Energy East pipeline would raise greenhouse emissions, report says

Much of environmentalists’ opposition to big pipeline projects has focused on Keystone XL, but a new report from the Pembina Institute says Canada's Energy East project would have an even more detrimental effect on climate change than Keystone.

Producing the crude needed to fill Energy East could generate an additional 30M-32M metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year vs. 22M for Keystone, according to the report.

Both projects are spearheaded by TransCanada (TRP), which argues in support of both that the oil would be moved instead by truck, rail and tanker instead of a pipeline; also, in the case of Energy East, the western Canadian oil being shipped to eastern Canadian refineries would replace imported oil from countries with weaker environmental policies.

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  • Hendershott
    , contributor
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    If Energy East is worse for the environment than the XL expansion then obviously we should approve the XL.
    6 Feb 2014, 07:29 PM Reply Like
  • thefuture007
    , contributor
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    Well TRP Fans should read the Downloadable Paper
    They are making the assumption of GHG,Greenhouse Gases, it's worse for the Environment because it will add between Table 5 Results
    7.5 -8.1 Million cars on the Road with between 29.8- 32.3 Million tonnes of Emissions.
    HMMM Really.?It does give various points about not including Refinery Emissions but to me if your going to SAY in a huge report give some FACTS about Production Emissions.?Building the pipeline Emmisions.?They are concluding the UPSTREAM Emissions are a hazard and will contribute,those amounts to Emissions.To me this Report is a waste of readers time,has Facts that don't argue AGAINST TRP/Canada building this or XL.It does show a few tidbits of what should be,Suncor new Coker@ Montreal but to base Denial of something that can help SELL,Tarsands and create income and jobs on Emissions that happen way after the OIL is Sold/Transported.?Sorry I will say,we do need some study on the Emissions to Build Pipeline.They also say more cars on the Road,hmm more than there is now.?Really those roads would be pretty clogged and if there are new cars aren't their emissions better than older cars,since this will take Years to build/Transport the oil.Do I think if it is built selling the OIL overseas is good,NO.Canada/USA consume FAR more oil for senseless things/items,a disposable society than is going to be or is Drilled for, due to various reasons and to that end I do hope it isn't built,since there is a limited supply of OIL in the ground and tarsands.I have No position in TRP,and plan none.
    6 Feb 2014, 08:05 PM Reply Like
  • lorneb
    , contributor
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    The Pembina Institute is an organization that looks at only one side of the equation and seems to take pleasure in exaggerating the story to it's limits to make their point. When it comes to their views on the environment I believe their credibility to be highly suspect.
    6 Feb 2014, 08:27 PM Reply Like
  • The Kennel
    , contributor
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    My, how short sighted in Geo-politicals some people seem to be. I am especially irritated that the enviro groups feel they have a right to interfere with foreign country interests as they develop resources from afar. The plain truth of the matter is, CHINA is hoping Keystone is delayed or halted to the point where the Canadian government decides to send a bigger pipeline to B.C. only, for export to China, leaving the U.S. positioned to eventually enjoy much higher prices at the pump.
    Get real folks. if you really want to do something about carbon footprints globally, since there are winds dispersing pollution across the globe, then go after China for starters. Man up guys!
    Our bigger threat is the EXPORT of U.S. hydrocarbons. When we get the U.S. totally off imports of terrorist supported crude producers and the U.S. totally self reliant (with the assistance of our Canadian partners,) I would then argue that the enviro groups should get behind T. Boone Pickens' plan and put heavy trucks and cars on CNG.
    We can synthesize coal into fuels, (CTL) specifically number two diesel, clear and sulfur free.
    Special interests are the blockage and a for sale Congress, both isles.
    Coal burning power generation has done much damage.
    Only a decade or so ago the power generators ran from nat gas powered CCGT's. Now they are coming full circle.
    Too bad we all can't come together to redirect our focus to put this country on the right path.
    Do we want pollution? No. It has been creeping up since the industrial revolution.
    Like that new song says: "wake me up when it's over."
    6 Feb 2014, 10:40 PM Reply Like
  • Blue22
    , contributor
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    7 Feb 2014, 11:59 AM Reply Like
  • SoldHigh
    , contributor
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    Al qida et al can only DREAM of hurting the USA as much as these moronic environmentalist groups. Modern day environmentalist-dicta... want to micro-manage our lives from their elitist towers.
    6 Feb 2014, 11:06 PM Reply Like
  • marpy
    , contributor
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    Pembina report = big joke! You are talking about a bunch of environmental green clowns here that are extremely biased in their views. Common sense is not in their ball park!
    7 Feb 2014, 10:58 AM Reply Like
  • Blue22
    , contributor
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    1: Without gas and oil pipelines, especially in Canada thousands of people would freeze to death in sub-zero weather.
    2. Without petroleum products there would be no products and materials to construct windmills, solar cells.......Well, its hard to find any products which do not directly involve or consist of petroleum products. Name virtually any product, it either has petroleum in it or used directly to manufacture or create it!
    3. Carbon is not a bad guy! Without it we don't exist and neither does anything living on this planet.
    Summary: Read about the above subjects on the Internet and discover the facts of existence on Planet Earth. Get some perspective! You too crap methane gas!
    7 Feb 2014, 11:56 AM Reply Like
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