Drop in prepayments boosts Hatteras margins

|About: Hatteras Financial Corp. (HTS)|By:, SA News Editor

Book value of $21.50 per share gained a hair from $21.31 at the end of Q3 and compares to last night's close of $18.81. Core earnings of $0.51 per share compares to the most recent $0.50 dividend.

Net interest spread jumps to 1.26% from 0.86% in Q3, with the yield on average assets of 2.16% rising from 1.8%. A large driver is the drop in prepayments as rates rose - CPR falls to 14.2% in Q4 from 19.7% previously.

Portfolio size drops to $20.1B from  $23.8B, with leverage dropping to 7:1 drom 7.9:1. Company bought back below-book value shares with some of the cash, repurchasing 1.3M at an average price of $16.91.

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