Heard during CBS' earnings call

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Execs with CBS (CBS +4.1%) make it crystal-clear that they think the company is sitting on top of the content world during the firm's earnings call.

An interesting observation is on the enormous popularity of The Good Wife on Amazon Prime (ranked #1). Much of the viewing was "catch-up" which is more evidence of the symbiotic relationship between content providers and streamers. Execs remind that CBS has "held back" many of its popular shows from streaming indicating that many more monetization opportunities for older content exist.

CEO Les Moones dismisses the Supreme Court fight with Aereo. He thinks the broadcasters will win, but if not he has a plan: "...we can form our own Aereo with the other networks."

The NFL Thursday night deal is both a good short-term value and long-term play, say execs. Reading between the lines, it appears the purchase price won't put CBS in the hole.

Earnings call transcript