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Second season of House of Cards delivers for Netflix

  • Netflix (NFLX) saw a big spike in viewership for the second season of House of Cards, according to broadband tracker Procera.
  • 16% of all Netflix subscribers caught a show within the first 24 hours of the new season being launched for streaming compared to just 2% for the first season.
  • Data on Google Trends also suggests that House of Cards is developing into the must-have show for Netflix that will help it alleviate worries on subscriber retention or promotion-and-dash tendencies.
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  • SoldHigh
    , contributor
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    Watching quality shows on demand without the annoying interruptions of annoying commercials provides a great experience.


    House of Cards is very well written and acted. 5/5 Stars. Programming this good will keep viewers coming back.
    19 Feb, 08:49 AM Reply Like
  • Vick13
    , contributor
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    Unless you're on of the unfortunate subscribers like myself who's streaming, buffering is now 14% slower on Verizon which aggravates the viewing experience and gives it 2/5 stars!
    19 Feb, 09:20 AM Reply Like
  • Guzman3
    , contributor
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    I prefer commercials than every couple of minutes freezing of the images. HOC is a good show but poor quality delivery.
    19 Feb, 09:30 AM Reply Like
  • MEKhoury
    , contributor
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    You need better internet/computer.


    Mine looks great.
    19 Feb, 09:53 AM Reply Like
  • ashhonsa
    , contributor
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    But Netflix does not own "House of Cards". It has got rights to stream only for limited time. If Netflix has to continue with this, Netflix keep on paying for it.
    19 Feb, 09:17 AM Reply Like
  • 426260
    , contributor
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    You are correct.
    Media Rights Capital owns "House of Cards" and Sony has international distribution rights.
    ( and
    19 Feb, 09:35 AM Reply Like
  • skibimamex
    , contributor
    Comments (436) | Send Message
    so you want to move abroad to watch it or wait until 4 years AFTER the last season. it is a 4 yr exclusive that tolls an addiitonal year for each new season that Netflix buys (it already bought the 3rd season).


    So what is your point exactly? This is how television shows are financed; splitting up the license rights by geography and viewing windows. Netflix is in the subscriber satisfaciton business not the content syndication business. Even HBO's Sex in the City now syndicated over independent broadcast and other cable rerun networks -- you think that has any effect on core HBO channel that SITC would have any value if it were being shown on HBO, 9 years after its last season in 2004.
    19 Feb, 10:55 AM Reply Like
  • Mikie713
    , contributor
    Comments (254) | Send Message
    Overwrought and pretentious with a richly flawed narrative, reliant entirely on Kevin Spacey's immoral high jinx and "snob-appeal" . But who cares? It's wrapped so well in a veneer of self-importance it's attracting massive viewership, which is the objective (as it always is). The writing is trying too hard to be all things DC to all people without being concise and focused on the murderous VP, who is apparently guiltless or clueless. The acting is good if you consider actors saying their lines fast enough to move the scene along without any characterization. Tons of cliched quips that are as greasy as those ribs Frank Underwood chomps on every time he wants to get real with the peeps. What viewers mistake for quality writing and acting is actually a excellent production value, which the show has in spades. Money is perfume, always has been. It's great to watch, but vacuous in its message. 2.5/5 stars.
    19 Feb, 09:28 AM Reply Like
  • Johann Galt
    , contributor
    Comments (235) | Send Message
    Couldn't agree more, as far as the second season goes. First season was interesting, the plot this season is weak, the writing wooden and unbelievable, and frankly, the political leanings of the producers have started to leak into the program. I'd give it 1 star, and sure won't be watching the next season.
    19 Feb, 09:43 AM Reply Like
  • Mikie713
    , contributor
    Comments (254) | Send Message
    Interesting you use the word "leak" ... because personally I don't have a problem with a show making a statement, but "House of Cards" isn't. It is dancing around the edges of saying something politically without really saying anything -- which is annoying (or gutless, as a professional in this business, I prefer the latter). And even more so in this case where two murders have been committed and less than 20% of each episode is spent on the main story line. Seriously, think about it. A sitting vice-President who is a serial murderer is being treated a little too casually in lieu of functional/soap opera like storylines.
    19 Feb, 09:55 AM Reply Like
  • dsg
    , contributor
    Comments (3) | Send Message
    Agree - I thought the second season was poor and have no reason to watch another.
    19 Feb, 12:22 PM Reply Like
  • Guzman3
    , contributor
    Comments (77) | Send Message
    Cable companies are slowing down Netflix delivery. If Netflix really want to survive it better pay for the delivery of content because Netflix experience is becoming more and more frustrating.
    19 Feb, 09:34 AM Reply Like
  • Timothy Phillips
    , contributor
    Comments (434) | Send Message
    MIkie713 - I agree .. second season was very disappointing. Loved the first, but the second did not live up to the hype ... story and characters got tired real quick.
    19 Feb, 09:53 AM Reply Like
  • Sakelaris
    , contributor
    Comments (1283) | Send Message
    That show is not exactly my type of entertainment. I watched the first six episodes of the first season. It was hard to find a character to like and I felt like screaming for someone to turn up the lights!


    Still, I love the fact that Netflix has a hit with a significant audience. I trust that more such hits will be coming.
    19 Feb, 10:12 AM Reply Like
  • etfmac
    , contributor
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    LOL. First season was a bit slow. Second season is much more interesting although the final episodes had plot lines that were a bit too loose.


    Looking forward to Season 3.
    19 Feb, 04:30 PM Reply Like
  • RoadrunnerLady
    , contributor
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    Do any of you have Roku? My internet at home is through the century link and no buffering. Lots of good feedback on HOC in spite of what's expressed here.
    19 Feb, 07:09 PM Reply Like
  • Sakelaris
    , contributor
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    I have Windstream as an ISP and I use it to stream Netflix and Amazon Prime through a Roku2. The streaming has worked okay for me, even in the last two weeks when other ISPs have been accused of mischief.


    Before I got the Roku last year, I was streaming through a four-year-old Blu-ray player. If anyone is still doing that, by all means get a Roku for your streaming and use the Blu-ray player for disc playback only. Roku has numerous free news and special interest channels and, if you can stand the ads, it even has a few free movie channels. The Roku also loads faster and it gives access to Amazon Prime, something most Blu-ray players do not.
    19 Feb, 07:51 PM Reply Like
  • Mikie713
    , contributor
    Comments (254) | Send Message
    Roku rocks! It's got its shortcomings ... but sure beats cable.
    19 Feb, 09:42 PM Reply Like
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