New positions from top healthcare stockpickers

|By:, SA News Editor

Instead of just searching for top performers while combing through fund management filings, Filings Analysis narrows the screen to top performing healthcare managers - those shown to have made the right picks in that sector over time even if position sizing or choices outside of healthcare fared poorly. Four managers made the cut: Palo Alto Investors, Perceptive Advisors, Perkins Capital Management, and Michael Murphy.

New holdings for Palo Alto were Ariad ARIA and NPS Pharmaceuticals NPSP, while the firm added to holdings in Clovis (CLVS +2.4%) and Hyperion Therapeutics (HPTX -2.1%).

Perceptive initiated a number of new positions, but none were large. The top two: Macrogenics (MGNX +1.3%) and Abbvie (ABBV -0.5%).

Perkins also added a number of new names: Conmed (CNMD +0.8%), Combimatrix (CMBX), Iridex (IRIX -2.8%), and Cardiome Pharm (CRME +0.4%).

Michael Murphy had no new healthcare positions.