Analysts weigh in on Tesla Motors post-earnings

|About: Tesla Motors (TSLA)|By:, SA News Editor

Deutsche Bank takes its foot off the gas with its rating on Tesla Motors (TSLA) following its post-earning rally. Shares of the EV automaker are moved to a Hold rating from Buy.

Wedbush analyst Craig Irwin isn't scared off by Tesla at +$200 as he sees an enormous opportunity for the company to dramatically reduce battery costs over the next three to five years. Those are the same economies of scale Elon Musk referred to in his conference call (transcript) last night.

Stifel Nicolaus won't get sucked in by the Tesla frenzy. Analyst James Albertine argues share price got an unwarranted boost from the Apple acquisition rumor and makes more sense on a fundamental basis in the $120 to $150 range.

TSLA +12.2% premarket to $217.01