Roche may share Avastin brain-cancer data after conflicting data

|About: Roche Holding Ltd (RHHBF)|By:, SA News Editor

Roche (RHHBF) and a group of external investigators could share raw data from two trial's of the company's Avastin drug that provide conflicting evidence about how beneficial it is for patients with a brain cancer called glioblastoma.

Avastin didn't help patients live longer in either study, but in one of them, it does seem to have improved or maintained quality of life and brain function. That wasn't the case in the other trial.

If Avastin can improve quality of life and brain function, says Howard Fine of the New York University Cancer Institute, "a strong argument can be made for its use as part of the initial treatment of glioblastoma, regardless of its effect on survival."

However, such considerations would be new ground for the FDA, says Fine.