Coverage launched on Sunshine Heart and Heartware

|About: Sunshine Heart, Inc. (SSH)|By:, SA News Editor

A fan of Sunshine Heart's (SSH -0.2%) technology, BTIG is concerned about the current pace of enrollment in the company's U.S. trial. "We think it could be several years before this trial is complete, pushing FDA approval to 2018 or beyond," writes analyst Sean Lavin, initiating coverage with a Neutral. "We believe the most meaningful thing to watch in 2014 is the pace of enrollment."

"Taking U.S. share has proven more difficult than we initially thought," he writes, also starting Heartware International (HTWR) with a Neutral. "A DT label, especially in light of the recent NCD change and Q4 miss will be more important to taking U.S. share than we would have predicted a year ago."

"We feel HTWR's pipeline is robust, but risky. HTWR is working on several products: MVAD, SYNERGY Surgical and Endovascular Systems, and Longhorn. MVAD is the most important. We believe MVAD offers greater technical advances than THOR’s HMIII but also greater risk as the devices are brought to market."