Blucora partly renews Google deal for three years

|By:, SA News Editor

With the ink barely dry on its Q4 report, Blucora (BCOR -8.9%) has disclosed it's partly renewing its search/advertising deal with Google for three years. Google will still deliver results and ads to sites on Blucora's InfoSpace network, with its AdSense platform serving ads to Blucora's PC users. But AdSense will no longer deliver ads to Blucora's mobile users.

Blucora says it will turn to other sources, including Yahoo's ad network, to offset the loss of mobile AdSense ads. AdSense PC ads accounted for 85% InfoSpace's search revenue in Q4.

The company adds the renewals also includes "revisions to Google’s form of service agreement," and minor changes to legal terms, but insists they aren't expected to have a major impact on results.

Earlier this week, SA contributor Gotham City Research raised the possibility Google wouldn't renew its Blucora deal due to policy violations related to malware, click fraud, and illicit content. The author noted such violations could allow Google to end the deal down the line, even if it renews.

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