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Bloomberg: BlackBerry to get major boost from Ford

  • Ford (F) is set to drop Microsoft (MSFT) Windows as the basis for the car-maker's next-generation Sync system and use BlackBerry's (BBRY) QNX instead, Bloomberg reports.
  • The move follows technical difficulties, while QNX will also be faster, cheaper and more flexible.
  • Sync, which is in over 7M vehicles that are on the road, allows drivers to make mobile-phone calls and play music using voice-activation.
  • Getting Sync right appears to be rather important - surveys indicate that in-vehicle technology is the leading selling point for 39% of auto buyers,
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  • It seems like the automobile industry is now waking up to the versatility of the QNX infotainment system. Blackberry is slowly, but surely gaining popularity.
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  • Pjews this past week has been a great wakeup call to th world. Don't forget we have the Barcelona event coming soon.
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  • Many don't know how advance QNX system are,If you didn't see it here's the next QNX dashboard in the next Audi TT
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  • It seems like the automobile industry is now waking up to the epic failure that is Windows 8.x. They seem to have woken up to the legal liabilities of Windows security vulnerabilities, too.
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  • Post paid for by whom?
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  • @Mr. Knowitall


    Help me out. I read your link and I'm having trouble understanding from this QNX presentation why you would suggest that Ford already had some pre-established relationship with QNX. My understanding from your link was that this presentation from QNX illustrated the disadvantages to having Sync (from Microsoft) installed in a Ford car. Any insight you can give is appreciated.
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  • Theyll probably buy BBRY for $6B+
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  • "I find it rather interesting Paul Leroux, a spokesman for QNX, declined to comment, since BlackBerry should be singing this from the hilltops."


    No, Mr. knowitall, as Bloomberg says, the story is from sources. It has no been publicly announced. Thus BB must keep quiet until there's an agreement with Ford to go public or Ford makes it official.
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  • allstar,


    sorry, that was the wrong link and as you pointed out, it is the opposite of what I was looking for.


    Here is the correct link:


    [from 2010]
    "QNX is doing very well in the automotive world. Currently, QNX is licensed for in-car infotainment systems in over 17 million vehicles, which is a 130% increase over 2008. More than 200 car models from Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Infiniti, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen ship with QNX software powering the in-car systems."


    In summary: Ford is already licensed, there will likely be no new revenue.
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  • @Mr Knowitall


    Thanks for the follow-up and clarification. According to this statement, the operative word is "models." We have to ask which Ford models are covered under the license, if any at this point. Hard to imagine Ford would pay for a QNX license while also paying Microsoft for its Sync license. We would need to know more about the nature of the agreement between QNX and Ford before we jump to conclusions.
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  • "In summary: Ford is already licensed, there will likely be no new revenue."


    Mr. knowitall, It's a good thing you hedged your bet with the use of the word "likely," for unless you are privy to the terms of the license you have no basis for making such a statement.


    Are you thinking about covering early on Monday?
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  • allstar, agreed.


    I don't have access to the contract and can only tell you that they were licensed in 2010.


    I would however leave you with the following: source licences, one-time licenses, and perpetual licenses are not at all unheard of, especially when you are a a giant like Ford and don't want to be paying ongoing royalties ad infinitum.
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  • You saying that BBRY will not make more revenue from this deal is Ludacris at best!!!! A license means BBRY gets revenue and payments for use of the QNX system which BBRY will help develop specific to fords requirements. Business 101!!!!! If you do not know the facts then please do not state false statements.
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  • I love it when people say "Ludacris at best".


    But, back to reality.
    Ford was already licensed. That can mean:
    1. An open source license (which means no revenue - see GNU license for an example.
    2. Or some sort of perpetual license.


    I mean, all you need to do is look at BlackBerry's pitiful income to realize that having QNX in 60% of cars is near meaningless.
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  • Say it ain't so! The Ford guys really need to think about the a mobile customer base and seriously check out iOS in the Car.
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  • iOS doesn't run well on its own devices. Recently Apple admitted iOS based devices are easy target for hackers. And it is not scalable to the automotive vertical. QNX powered by cloud can support Android and iOS based devices. I think that should do it for the iGullibles.
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  • Keep seeking and look harder. That's not what happened.
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  • idgregg, hate to throw facts to you but iOS in cars doesn't exist. Anything that is iOS is actually QNX based.
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  • I believe Ford did check out IOS and decided it just wasn't good enough or maybe not as good as QNX. Also now that the major security issue came out regarding IOS has come to light, this makes this move all the better. QNX is used by all the Major car companies as well as Lamborghini, Porshe, etc. That says it all. QNX is the best! Also QNX handles all types of Smart phones. So Idgregg don't worry you will still be able to use your Iphone. So it's obvious that they made the right choice
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  • iOS in the car equals disaster. Ford made the obvious choice, choosing the best QNX.
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  • You guys make me laugh. Integration of iPhones in Ford will occur like it does now regardless of the OS. Also, if IOS is such a security threat, why are Gov't agencies purchasing iPhones and iPads like crazy. Air Force just ordered 5,000.


    Not so sure if this means BBRY is gaining popularity.
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  • the use of iOS is limited to 'non-secure communication' in the DoD


    in other words: window dressing.
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  • @bgold1955


    This is why Apple products are only allowed to be used for "non-secure" purposes in US govt agencies:



    Ironic how a Canadian company's technology could be the best weapon the U.S. has to safeguard its most sensitive assets.
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  • one word -- yikes!
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  • Ford should consult with Sebelius on IT issues. :)
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  • secure software is an oxymoron
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  • Laugh if you will:


    It's the government itself that has said it has a 100% success rate breaking into iOS.
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  • I'm sure that in light of yesterday's news by Apple of their security holes, all governments will seriously consider using Apple at all. Germany already banded iPhones from use by Government employees.
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  • bgold1955


    Once again, old news regarding iOS being used with Government Contractors & Agencies. They are only used for voice communications.


    All other secure data uses will be with the only platform that has Authority To Operate ATO Certification. At this point, only BB10 is ATO, nothing else.
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  • Well, what they are comparing here is Apples and Oranges. BB devices are only secure if used through BES. Using Apple or Android devices through a MDM solution (like Good Technology, MobileIron etc.) is of course more secure than breaking into non-MDM devices, which is what they were able to break into. This is Captain Obvious at work, not a compelling argument for BB as such.
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  • iOS in the car? Is that mean I need to trade in my car every 2 years? Lol.
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  • Idgregg
    It would be a stunning oversight by an American company to overlook the 'Apple' of American eyes when it comes to mobile devices. Therefore, I personally believe it is safe to assume that QNX really IS that good for Ford to stake the future on the BlackBerry rather than on an Apple offering.
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  • Add BBM for private messaging, voice, video (rear seat passengers only for video please) and location sharing for meet ups. Blackberry didn't get things that wrong and its strengths are beginning to show.
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  • I think there is a misunderstanding regarding what QNX does and what the car manufacturer does.


    I agree the User Interface in the Audi software is phenomenal, and likely the Ford User Interface is also beautiful. But we must ask the question: Who is supplying this beautiful OS that is running on top of QNX?


    I submit that the User Interface, menus, features, display, input paradigm, all of it is written by either the auto manufacturer or a 3rd party working on behalf of the auto manufacturer.


    I base this on QNX's own statements from their PLATFORM for infotainment website:


    "The QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment is delivered to companies building prototypes, demos, or proofs-of-concept as a yearly subscription. This program approach gives companies access to all of the pieces in the QNX CAR Platform as well as the most up-to-date technology on an ongoing basis."


    So; I believe all these licenses are the super cheap or near free QNX licenses and the real value is in the infotainment BUILT ATOP QNX by the 3rd parties.


    I am speculating here, but speculation based upon sound reasoning and QNX's own statements.


    I challenge anyone to provide evidence that QNX is writing a custom Infotainment system for Audi, Ford, BMW, et al.
    I don't think you will find that.


    If I'm right here, then BlackBerry will gain next to nothing for this Ford partnership, and actually ZERO if Ford was already licensed.
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  • If I'm right here, then BlackBerry will gain next to nothing for this Ford partnership, and actually ZERO if Ford was already licensed as I point out here.
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  • BBRY gets revenue for use of QNX.....go look at the financials.
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  • Yeah Bailout, about enough to pay each shareholder about a nickel.
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  • This can't be so? Will Ford be dragged down the increasing whirlpool that is blackberry's fate? Will customers shun Ford? Will the Android/google/microsoft gang seek Capital City help? Will the short community trash both stocks? OOoooo......woe is me ...quote the
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  • Dear rmiers1, you have to have a position or at least a thinking before you put your money in the trade. So, would you please tell us your answers to all the questions you have raised?
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  • rmiers1


    ""Will customers shun Ford?""
    They already did, due to the incompetence of Windows OS in the automobile. This is why FORD has chosen a proven winner, QNX that runs flawlessly with any automobile.
    Good move by FORD, they are pretty much done with in-efficient OS's and are moving to the masters of the automobile's informant system. QNX.


    I am sure the shorts hate this good BlackBerry QNX news, and that is good news. Next stop, let the shorts be squeezed for every single dime.
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  • Well QNX auto is one application now it's QNX Space, QNX healthcare, QNX financial sector, QNX Cisco networks etc
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  • you said it joeycard, time and patience, and time will tell on this one--
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  • Those guys at Ford don't get high tech. Blackberry was all but dead. Microsoft was huge mistake, but I just don't see this as a good move. I'd love to see them drop Sony as the only choice for sound as well. I have an MKX and I hate the sound system. My Navigator had Alpine which sounded 100 times better.


    Maybe Blackberry will surprise me. It won't take much to create a more reliable product than what MS did with sync. I won't even use the voice activated commands because it doesn't work well. I say "call Dad" and it hears "call Debby" or "call Bob". The bluetooth works for voice but not text. It used to work with incoming texts. Sometimes it downloads the phone book from my phone and sometimes it doesn't. So it won't take much to be better, but to be better than the competition ...
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  • Just take a look, this is the next Audi TT dashboard : QNX in Action: Audi FPK Driver Information Display
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  • Couldn't help but notice the vast majority of time in the Audi demo is spent staring at the menus on the display, and not looking at the road ahead. How many pedestrians were run over and how many commuters were rear-ended during that demonstration? I couldn't see out the windshield...
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  • outlaw driver distractions and this all goes away
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  • Driver Distractions have been around and a major problem since the first engine-driven vehicle was on the road. All that fiddling over steam valve settings and such, never mind makeup mirrors, radios, and 8-track tape players and whatever may or may not be in the glove box. Outlawing driver distractions is about as useful a suggestion as demanding peace on earth, and an end to world hunger and red headed stepchildren. And actually doing something about Miley's porn show and that Bieber creeper tryna to act all ghetto n stuff...


    Besides, technically it is already outlawed. How is that working for ya?


    Anyway the automakers are focusing instead on actually making it difficult to actually crash a car in spite of improper distractions, with automated steering, automatic cruise control, automated brakes, lane keeping, and warnings to drivers that they are (or are about to be) doing something stupid.


    Making vehicles be "robust" to the stupidity of the hairless monkeys in the cockpit is the way to make the problem of distracted driving go away.
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  • flumeride
    "but I just don't see this as a good move."


    Are you short BBRY? Any company going with QNX is a very smart move. QNX is the most efficient automobile solution out to date, has been, and continues to be. This is a well proven fact.
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  • The last thing we need is for more nonsense Government/common sense legislation. If you look carefully at the QNX navigation and information system, its elegance alone will allow you to not get distracted. I find this is how I see it on my Chevy powered by QNX. It makes it very easy and allows for easy multi-tasking in a safe manner. It's as if you are switching from station to station on your radio.
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  • Not sure why you are equating the consumer phone market to the underlying OS used in car infotainment systems. Clearly you have no idea what it is that Ford just signed a deal for.
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  • I'm not short BBRY, but the company has been struggling to stay above water. Maybe I'll change my mind as I learn more.
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  • Its sentiment, all this negative news just plays with your head
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  • Idgreg, really? With all of the negativity surrounding BlackBerry over the past few years do you really think that the people at Ford would just choose QNX without looking at all of the different options? I am sure they looked at iOS, Android and probably a few you and I have never heard of. What this shows, and I must say it shows pretty clearly, is QNX is the BEST option for in car infotainment and BlackBerry is NOT going away. Your comment also shows the problem with BlackBerry, people don't understand what BlackBerry truly is, they just trust the every message that the media reports without doing any of their own home work. That is truly scary.
    Very long BlackBerry
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  • be sure the source code is in escrow somewhere :)
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  • This is exactly the boost BlackBerry needed, for the longest time they have been struggling to get into new industries and markets
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  • The qnx system is compatible with all systems. It is an excellent base from the which to base anything on. I think that the auto industry will love the air updates to the software of the vehicle.
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  • Great move, now I may just have to buy a Ford!
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  • Ford gets it right. The flexibility of Blackberry system that can support Android and IOS plus be cloud based is huge. And if they are getting it at a fair price then I guess I will keep my Ford stock purchasing scheme and my Blackberry phone. Now lemme check on that Blackberry stock....
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  • Just as the tortoise beat the hare, BlackBerry will prevail over its competitors and this is another Sign.


    There will be more.
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  • "...[P]revail over its competitors...." Huh? Are you posting from Colorado?
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  • This is sad. I got my first Ford BECAUSE of Sync. A very sad development indeed.
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  • it's not sad to the people who have experienced nothing but issues with Sync.


    when you get the QNX update you'll realize what you've been missing.


    like the Iphone users who eventually find their way to a BB10 device.
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  • KevinRemde


    What's the point of Sync powered by Microsoft if it keeps crashing and it keeps requiring a re-boot?
    Ford made the right decision. By utilizing the most secure/stable platform QNX, Ford now has the ability toplay with Android/iOS with guaranteed compatability.
    I've said this from day one, QNX is #1 in most if not all industries, especially in the automotive. Anybody claiming otherwise either dislikes BBRY and/or are not educated in this matter. And requires a lot more Due Diligence to understand how much better QNX is versus the competition.
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  • They're not going to come round and make you take Sync out, so don't be sad be glad if you like Sync you got in before they fitted that awful QNX.
    Next car you get you can also get because it has Sync if anyone is fitting it!
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  • ATInsider - The original Sync (pure Microsoft) I had in my Focus was absolutely perfect. It worked just as expected. The Sync with the added Ford MyTouch crap has been the problem. It's much much better after a couple of updates, but at first it was very buggy and slow.
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  • and now it is history :)
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  • I have the original Sync in my Lincoln MKX. It is not perfect.


    The voice recognition is so bad I don't use it. It wouldn't download the phonebook from my phone which was a new phone. The dealership had no expertise with the system. They kept my car for a week and it was worse. It would receive calls but not let me send calls. Eventually they replaced the hardware, but I think it was a software issue. It took months to get it to work properly.


    Then when I switched to a new smartphone last year, the texts quit working with sync. I have tried a few things, but I'm afraid to let the dealership try to fix it.
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  • Golly gee, in one week, BBM gets a better price (WhatsApp effect), BES10 gets a better price (Air Watch effect), now QNX will get its better price, and Chen sticks his finger in T-Mobile's eye. And the Octa-core device.


    While the longs were dreaming of Christmas, the shorts were sleeping. They will get a lump of coal.


    Pinch me....
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  • Like: [Arnold Schwarzenegger said in The Terminator "I'll be back"]
    That's what happening with BBRY!
    I am long BBRY.
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  • I bought a new 2011 explorer. It has performed flawlessly and is as good or better than any of my previous vehicles which include mercedes, Lincolns, bucks lnd lexus. The one exception is myford touch. Updates have improved it biit it is still buggy I can understand why ford is switching but why to blackberry who are on the ropes? Why nott wait for apple iOS? I wonder if the blackberry system will be able to be installed on existing vehicles with myford touch?
    Ford has been doing very well. Just imagine how much better they wold have done without myford touch,,,
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  • why don't you ask the other car manufacturers why they chose Blackberry to be the 'brains' of their automobiles?


    Here I will give you a few leads:

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  • jimn, as a simple answer, perhaps accurate or not, it's possible that QNX was the "last" option they turned to, but ultimately found it was the best.


    This is why BBRY diehards won't quit. There is potentially huge upside to this story and SP. It's a sophisticated company with sophisticated products that were not managed well for years.


    Before the iPad came out, there were really serious jokes about the whole concept. Even the name was mocked in egregious ways that I won't repeat. Who is laughing now? The critics or Apple?


    BBRY is a roller-coaster ride but the vibes are getting better and better for 2014.


    I'm not putting as much faith in the Jakarta release next week as a major turning point for the company. Instead, BES10 adoption, release of 10.2.1 OS in US, announcements of QNX in Ford, video BBM on iOS and Android, and the lack of anything really earth-shattering new from iOS or Android to challenge this.


    It's possible one of the reasons chosen (I have no idea of tech behind this) but QNX might also have been the only OS that Ford could offer as a replacement. But usually, legacy is legacy, and if QNX is chosen likely just going forward. Hope for you that it is backward compatible: you might just really, really like it.
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  • jimbonut
    ""I can understand why ford is switching but why to blackberry who are on the ropes?""


    I am trying to understand your logic regarding your comment above? What do you mean "On the Ropes?" Are you implying that BlackBerry/QNX is going out of business and/or on the verge of bankruptcy?
    If so, you are greatly mistaken, and you've been miss-lead to believe the continued BBRY bashing nonsense that has tarnished the BBRY image.
    BlackBerry is not about Mobile Devices ONLY, they are about Enterprise, QNX, BB10 Devices & BBM. A new company, a new vision with a new NO Nonsense Management team lead by Mr. Chen, CEO.
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  • jimbonut -- BlackBerry is not on the ropes. It's a four division company.
    1. QNX. Profitable, and has been for a long time, even when Harman owned it between 2004 and 2010 and failed to foresee the "internet of things," including connected cars, homes, appliances.


    2. BES, or BlackBerry Enterprise Services. For the past decade, the division with the highest margins, and dominant in the field of Mobile Device Management. BES has 80,000 customers (including 60% of Fortune 500), and including 31,000 BES 10 customers. The next largest MDM company has 12,000 customers (AirWatch).


    3. BB7 & BB10 handsets. Almost everyone thinks the handset division defines BB. This is where the company has been losing money. John Chen made a deal recently where all inventory risk is now assumed by Foxconn. In this deal, which will be fully realized by November, once BB's current obligations to old suppliers are wound down, BB is guaranteed at minimum to break even. This is the main reason for the rise in share price from $5.60 three months ago to $10 today.


    4. BBM -- cross platform with iOS and Android. BlackBerry has just begun the monetizing process, but BBM is obviously a really important part of BB's future. Can't go into all the details here, but understand BBM to be enormously attractive as an intranet supplier to the enterprise, in addition to being a worthy competitor to other top messaging and video chat apps. It may never fully rival Whatsapp at the pure messaging level or Skype at the voice/video level (that is, in terms of popularity, even if it offers superior voice & video), but it has established itself as a Player.


    Back to QNX, though. The beauty of the "New BlackBerry" is that the whole company is undergoing what some insiders call a QNX'ing. It began with the influence of Dan Dodge, and was greatly extended under Thorsten Heins, who got rid of a massive amount of excessively complex and unresponsive bureaucratic layering. It looks as if Chen, happily, is continuing the process.
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  • The problem is this is just noise. QNX barely brings in any revenue to $BBRY, their last total rev from licensing was 35m. Peanuts.
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  • While on some levels I agree, if this were the case long-term, why would Apple and Google be heavily targeting this market?
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  • Idea is to capture market share. They already have 60% vehicles using QNX. Once market appreciates QNX for what it is BBRY should capitalize on the atteibutes plus charge additional premium on the complexity of the architecture that is not easy to replicate/substitute.


    I think right now they're giving this out for free. Just back of the napkin math if they charge flat 1000 dollars per vehicle install on say 4 million vehicles we're talking annual rev of 4 billion. Not that bad. :-)
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  • I tend to agree, at least in the base of BBRY. This may be a pyric victory of sorts for them as they are in the weakest position to actually profit from this win. Their tech may be good (great even?) but the ecosystem continues to fade and I see no hope there. Apple, Google and Microsoft are vastly different in that regard. Big ecosystems, with plenty of profit to be had *around the car*. So this would seem to be a big failure to those names, especially MSFT, who had incumbency. I'm a MSFT long and I would have to mark this as the first black mark of the Nadella era, however unfair that may be.
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  • Jimbonut, when will you guys figure it out? Obviously BlackBerry is NOT on the ropes, that is just what the media wants you to believe. When will people start to think for themselves?
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  • This is very significant news for Blackberry. Although they really don't make very much money on this deal, it shows the world that there are still big companies who have confidence in Blackberry that they have solid products and are not going out of business. A year from now we will be reading how the US Airforce are switching back to Blackberry devices after a major hacking of their Iphones. As John Chen said in the past, it will take one to two years to dispel the negative sentiment toward Blackberry and convince people to switch back to Blackberry.
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  • First, German engineers and now American engineers. QNX becoming the first choice of the experts.
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  • @allstar0088


    Absolutely, and -
    Let's not forget the Canadian ones !
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  • "... faster, cheaper and more flexible."


    The Future is Black
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  • Mullaly didn't get the Microsoft job--- Windows mobil just not working out. Windows 8 is stupid as well.
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  • brilliant analysis?
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  • Windows 8 serves a select few that enjoy its style, though personally I find it quite irritating. Windows belongs on the PC, W7 was great, a lot better than W8 by far IMO. But stay off the phone.
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  • BudH, sometimes the simplest answers are right in front of us. Nothing to take away from QNX. Mullaly is an impressive guy and wouldn't sacrifice Ford out of spite. Spurned by Microsoft may have just made the decision a little faster and easier. Probably better for both that he stayed at Ford. Ford was likely a piece of cake to turn around compared to what it will take at MS to get that company back in growth mode. Like Windows 9.....
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  • MPF94025
    I would have to agree. At this point, and according to my own research, Windows 8 shares the same label as Windows Vista, both are failures IMO.
    Windows will probably need to re-engineer Windows 7 and come out with a Windows 9. Until then, its all Windows 7 for me.
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  • Mulally never wanted to go to Microsoft, so he could not have been "spurned". He was probably greatly relieved when his name was taken off the list. He must have said "no" and that he was "happy to serve at Ford's" at least a dozen times while Microsoft kept saying he was a candidate for the CEO job there.
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  • Mulally is 68. Why would he want to move? And isn't it likely Microsoft would chase someone a tad younger?


    I might be worthwhile to speculate that Mulally, among others who run in those circles, got a call from John Chen. Note that with all the booster news re BB recently John Chen's name has been absent. It could be that Mr. Chen is busy making calls. If I were short, that would give me something to think about.
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  • 68 is the new 60 though, based on the latest life expectancy and health trends. Old Traditional retirement at age 65 is easily deferred these days past 70, even to 75.
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  • Not true. He was several times given the opportunity by the media to deny that he wanted the microsoft job. His responses were always deliberately ambiguous.
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  • Joey - of course you do understand that the candidate for an Executive level job like that has contractual and legal obligations not to discuss their individual status as a candidate until the Company makes and announces their choince? There are gag orders in effect on all candidates throughout the recruiting and salary negotiating process. If Alan had essentially pulled his name, then the other candidate(s) can use that information to increase their salary demands, and Alan would have been liable for damages. You do know these things, and just forgot, right?


    Alan said everything he could legally say - that he was happy to serve at Ford's and that he intended to stay at least through 2014. He said that at least a dozen times throughout the Microsoft recruiting thing, and never deviated on the line so much as a blink. Only an idiot could not read those tea leaves. Meanwhile it was in Microsoft's interest to keep up the illusion that Mulally was still a candidate, just to keep the other candidates honest.
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  • QNX has always been a good realtime operation system and has been used for industrial applications for a long time. I think I first heard about QNX before I heard about GSM! Selecting QNX as basis for automobile seams to be a reasonable choice. But, I do not expect it to contain any Blackberry applications or result in any additional sales of Blackberry phones.
    23 Feb, 10:53 AM Reply Like
  • As a Fusion/Sync owner and an iPhone user, I find iPhone navigation, entertainment, and communication apps to be far superior. Maybe QNX can garner better apps, but I'm doubtful. Also the lack of OTA updates makes Sync a bit of a dinosaur.
    23 Feb, 12:41 PM Reply Like
  • @flumerside go see the links provided, don't be closed minded. After all if BB did by some misinfortune go out of business QNX can be bought up by someone else, to continue the excellence!
    23 Feb, 12:59 PM Reply Like
  • QNX -> M2M -> IoT


    Those Fools should fall in love with $BBRY now.


    23 Feb, 01:03 PM Reply Like
  • 7 million cars translates into what kind of revenue? Chen needs to point out this $$ win at next conference call. The die-hard bears who taunt Blackberry for not having any growth to drive ( pun intended) future earnings just got a set-back apparently.
    23 Feb, 01:15 PM Reply Like
  • Gout Attack


    Just like BBM, QNX needs to continue its growth. Just look at WhatsApp? FB was crazy enough to buy that for $19B. Why, because it had an established growth, while continuing to grow at an alarming rate.


    Mr. Chen already stated more than once, as soon as they recognize healthy growth numbers via BBM, they will somehow make a profit. The same can be said for QNX.
    QNX has the ability to perform tasks that are un-achievable with the competition. This alone sets it apart.


    I can also see companies such as Google & Apple possibly licensing QNX just to get them into the automotive industry. You never know at this point. QNX is by far the best, most versatile RTOS to date. And its BB10's heart and soul.
    23 Feb, 03:48 PM Reply Like
  • @Ellas,


    Blackberry haters rested on the notion that BB10 is failing because QNX technology added very little substance to the quality of the devices. Now we see QNX through the Auto offerings is gaining traction with a Ford deal. I don't recall in any of the more recent Earnings Calls where QNX was even mentioned as a driver of earnings.( Now I will pardon the Pun!) BBM looks like value , as does BES. QNX is the 6th man off the bench, The Vinny Johnson/The Microwave of yesteryear, hopefully. Chen talks about focus on the Enterprise and other offerings. With Ford it appears to be tangible.
    23 Feb, 05:03 PM Reply Like
  • Gout Attack


    Unfortunately Ford (and many others) were already licensed back in 2010, so BlackBerry will likely see zero revenue from this change in direction by Ford.


    [from 2010]
    "QNX is doing very well in the automotive world. Currently, QNX is licensed for in-car infotainment systems in over 17 million vehicles, which is a 130% increase over 2008. More than 200 car models from Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GMC, Infiniti, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Jeep, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, and Volkswagen ship with QNX software powering the in-car systems."
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  • Mr. KIA, ever heard of strategy to giveaway free products to as many users as possible. Get them hooked on it. Make them realize the severe withdrawal symptoms if they try to find a substitute that they may not find or end up disappointed with its use.


    It took 30 years to convince the auto industry on the safety and reliability of QNX. Once critical market domination and product attachment is achieved QNX can charge an arm and leg for their kernel. You can still have the auto manufacturer designed UI or iOS for the Car to make the driver feel good but without QNX those UIs fall apart.


    Chen knows this and the QNX team knows this. Like someone said here. You don't monetize on day 1. You monetize when you've established your users can't live without you.


    Right now we can always scare people on nil revenues and perpetual licenses but shouldn't distract from the fact that there's NO OS yet in the world that can compete with QNX.
    23 Feb, 08:31 PM Reply Like
  • @Knowitall. It's hard to believe that a 7 million car change in vendors yields 0 based on a 2010 L deal. That's like saying that Microsoft will continue to receive $$ even though they got dumped for Blackberry. QNX revenues need to be made transparent regardless of the outcome of our debate. This is with Ford or any customer.
    23 Feb, 09:16 PM Reply Like
  • Gout,


    But if I'm right about that license still being in effect, then there is no "7 million car change".
    24 Feb, 01:58 AM Reply Like
  • Bailout, the facts are that Ford was already licensed.
    24 Feb, 01:58 AM Reply Like
  • Ford is a anchor Icon through out the world, they have been in business since day one. They know what they are doing! They have studied the opposition, you just don't make precarious decision out of the blue day. Should that tell you something. "
    23 Feb, 01:19 PM Reply Like
  • BlackBerry is a anchor too, they won't be going of business, they maybe bought some day, but they won't be going out of business any time soon. You can rest for sure.
    23 Feb, 01:26 PM Reply Like
  • It's really sad seeing everyone wanting and demanding to be connected to the NSA wherever they go in their cars. Like Eve in the garden.


    Go ahead. It's not bad for you.
    23 Feb, 01:50 PM Reply Like
  • but it appears to be very bad for their phones and ipads!

    23 Feb, 02:04 PM Reply Like
  • Oops.


    'Nuff said.


    23 Feb, 04:12 PM Reply Like
  • Some of you might want to do research on the QNX Neutrino RTOS before posting, then you might see why it is an obvious choice for automotive, which is why it is already widely used in that industry, along with running medical instruments, defense systems, nuclear power plants and other mission critical systems. Check out the wiki and other documentation and then some of those individuals posting uneducated comments might realize how embarrassing they look.
    23 Feb, 02:33 PM Reply Like
  • Agreed,


    Here is a primer for the uninformed:

    23 Feb, 02:35 PM Reply Like
  • Frankly I'm a little surprised that Blackberry is still around. I had the impression that they essentially went or were going down in the iPhone / Android clone wars, and that Windows Mobile/Phone would be the next to evaporate or merge into something better. Maybe Windows-Blackberry or something. Sometimes it makes sense for the #3 and #4 players in the market to merge so they have a shot at taking on the leaders.


    If Blackberry has managed to re-invent and bootstrap itself with superior and secure technologies and software, well then, they would be the Ford of that industry - the Comeback Kid if you will. And perhaps Ford finally has a partner to work with that doesn't believe that a blue screen of death and reboot is a completely normal and acceptable event at random times, regardless of what you are doing - driving or calling Gramma or surfing the net. Or all three...


    I still wouldn't buy one of their phones just yet though...
    23 Feb, 03:12 PM Reply Like
  • Get a Z30 in your hands and you will never go back to whatever you are currently using
    23 Feb, 04:02 PM Reply Like
  • Picking up the Z30 this week. Though I've been enjoying the wifes Z10 for now.
    And my sis just bought the Q5 and is quite happy with it. And several of my family and friends all own the Z10.
    You have nothing to worry about, BBRY is here to stay and are open for business.
    23 Feb, 04:06 PM Reply Like
  • It's not the physical telephone itself, its the software that runs the telephones. Investors will understand this some day whether you'll short or long. It took a long time for people to understand that they needed to take Microsoft to court in order to cut into and share with others the way they did business. Bill Gates was right, It's not the hardware, its the Software that counts.
    23 Feb, 04:26 PM Reply Like
  • @ Tdot ..surly you jest, have you ever tried Z30 if not boy are you ion for a surprise! It the most highly rated phone by customer reviews.
    BTW take a look at this video and see for your self!
    I know how it is most people have been brainwashed by anti BB media and such. So it's not surprising that people don't know about amazing BB products.
    23 Feb, 04:27 PM Reply Like
  • Looking at the smart phone service providers, the vast majority of phones systems available and sold are Android and iOS, far and away. There are barely a couple of token Windows and Blackberry phones still available, most of them are for legacy purposes only for commercial and business customers, who have integrated communications systems that require them. The young users not otherwise tied up would never, ever consider choosing Windows or Blackberry - those are dying systems for the aging folk. Blackberry may well have finally introduced something (Z30) that looks vaguely like an iOS or Windows or Android system, but it will only appeal to those who only ever used Blackberry systems perforce, as an apparently revolutionary upgrade from the dinosaur smart phones they have been using from 10 years ago. And that Z30 only seems to be available to Verizon customers, no ATT, no Sprint.
    23 Feb, 08:15 PM Reply Like
  • The money isn't important. What is important is that this is further vindication of Blackberry and further faith in their future.
    23 Feb, 08:11 PM Reply Like
  • @Tdot your wrong, perception is changing and from my experience the only reason why the people you refer to don't want BB phone like Z30 is because they never tried one . When they do i guarantee probably 70-80 % will not go back to an antiquated IOS trust me, (just typing on an Iphone keyboard is barbaric) i have seen this first hand. IOS is almost 10 years old and Android is virus infested. BB 10 is a new OS 1 years old, and with the latest release 10.2.1 gives the BB 10 phone amazing new features, which no existing user had to buy a new phone to get them is absolutely amazing. There is no better phone on the market right now. Most users you refer to have been brainwashed into believing its no good. So why don't you try one then come back afterwards to talk about it. Knowing is believing. Blackberry is not dying or going out of business. They are in the midst of a turnaround, it will take a bit of time but they will get there. Meanwhile Iphone users are getting screwed using an antiquated OS and being told its the best OS SMH, man little do you realize what a BS argument that is.
    BTW go watch the video in this link i asked you to do that in the previous post, but obviously you didn't watch it based on your reply.
    23 Feb, 08:37 PM Reply Like
  • Until you see millions upon millions of non-business users buying into the Blackberry, it remains a dead brand as far as smart phones and tablets go. Nobody outside of the business customers have any interest in Blackberry smart phones or tablets - they have made their choices. Blackberry is still seen as an outdated dinosaur. You can put some scarlet lipstick on a dinosaur to try to pretty it up, but it will only attract other dinosaurs.


    Commercial Businesses (like Ford) may well be buying into Blackberry smart phones because of the relatively secure communications and integration into their internal email systems and such, but nobody outside of business customers use them for "pleasure".


    But this has nothing to do with Ford changing to Blackberry as a supplier for the Sync and MyFord Touch in-car infotainment systems. Microsoft has proven over the last 5 years that their glitchy system cannot be satisfactorily fixed, and Ford's quality numbers are in the sewer because of it. Ford has clearly had enough of the BS and utter incompetence from Microsoft, and is looking to an arguably more reliable supplier.


    Now perhaps Ford and Blackberry can do a little marketing together. Buy a Ford with the NewSync or NewTouch systems, Get a well-integrated Blackberry smart phone or tablet free, with pre-installed software that essentially eliminates the seam between phone and car. They become two devices sharing one OS. That might be cool to the civilian population...
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  • Let's see the terms BB agreed to. Maybe they pulled an Intel and went "contrarevenue" on this to secure the deal.
    23 Feb, 09:03 PM Reply Like
  • Microsoft and Sync a very bad choice , 16 service visits and still buggy .My 2011 MKX still needs to be reset by what the service says , turn the car off get a coffee and restart. Except I am highway traffic trying find a client address. Worst mistake for Ford ever.
    24 Feb, 01:04 AM Reply Like
  • If the car is telling you to get a coffee, it is because you are driving erratically, leaving the pavement and getting on the shoulder, or crossing lanes improperly - like you are falling asleep behind the wheel. They do that, as it turns out.
    24 Feb, 07:25 AM Reply Like
  • Just because you shill for Android doesn't necessarily mean you're short BB. If he/she was short he/she got out after the last quarter, having predicted BB would go to four . . . or two . . . or zero. Who can account for such negative thinking?
    24 Feb, 01:44 AM Reply Like
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