Bonderman: TPG "contemplating: going public

|By:, SA News Editor

"We're thinking about it, but not too hard," TPG co-founder David Bonderman tells a P-E conference audience about ideas of going public. Likening the wave of P-E firms going public to that of the investment banks, Bonderman concedes at some point all the players will be publicly owned.

Of the hot hand for P-E (BX, KKR, APO, FIG, OAK) in general and his firm in particular - last month agreeing to sell Aptalis Holdings for $3B and last year agreeing to sell Neiman Marcus for $6B - it's not sustainable, says Bonderman. "These years are relatively few and far between."

Blackstone's IPO in 2007 was an all-time bell-ringer. We'll keep an eye on Mr. Bonderman's moves.