T-Mobile USA sells off following Q4 report, 2014 guidance

|About: T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS)|By:, SA News Editor

After opening near breakeven following its Q4 report, T-Mobile USA (TMUS -6.1%) has gradually sold off.

The #4 U.S. carrier, which halted years of postpaid sub losses last year with the help of the iPhone and aggressive/novel subscription plans, expects to add 2M-3M branded postpaid subs in 2014, compared with 2M in 2013. Cash capex is expected to grow to $4.3B-$4.6B from 2013's $4.2B, and adjusted EBITDA (-17% Y/Y in 2013) to $5.7B-$6B from 2013's $5.3B.

As announced on Jan. 8, T-Mobile added 1.645M total subs, 869K branded postpaid subs, and 112K branded prepaid subs in Q4.

"Simple free cash flow" (adjusted EBITDA - cash capex) rose 79% Y/Y to $357M, and totaled $1.08B for the whole of 2013 (-59% Y/Y). ARPU fell 2.9% Q/Q to $50.70.

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