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Tesla now +3.2% AH. Gigafactory aims to supply 500K vehicles.

  • Tesla (TSLA) has turned positive in AH trading after providing details (.pdf) about its gigafactory.
  • Tesla predicts the gigafactory will produce enough batteries to supply 500K vehicles by 2020, and that its output will exceed that of total 2013 global battery production. The company also expects the facility will drive down its per-kWH battery costs by over 30% within a year of volume production.
  • Facility construction is set for 2014-2015, equipment installation for 2016, and initial production for 2017. The gigafactory is expected to employ 6.5K workers, and require up to 10M sq. feet of space.
  • Tesla and its partners will collectively invest $4B-$5B in the gigafactory through 2020. Tesla will directly invest $2B.
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  • So what does this mean for the Gen III?
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  • means they're nailing execution as promised.
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  • It means Gen 3 production will be greater than Morgan Stanley and its low estimate thought. They predicted around 300,000 by 2020. The battery costs will be 30% cheaper by 2017 as the factory starts producing then. By 2020, 500,000 units a year will be supported. Since demand is not an issue at these numbers Tesla is looking great.
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  • Are we talking about the first set of promises or the second set? Or are we up to three now on the GEN III?
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  • So what does this mean for the Gen III?


    It means they need $4-5 billion to build the gigafactory. They are going to finance $1.6B and supply another $400M from cash to help pay for it. Still they need partners which they can't name to pay $2-3B for the rest. They are confident that they can get a 30% reduction in battery cost in the first year, yet they note that "We have no experience in manufacturing Lithium ion cells" and need a partner with expertise to make the plant work. And the stock price rises anyway.
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  • @Skeptic84,


    I can't hear you over the grape flavored koolaid I'm drinking sorry. lol j/k


    My point was originally they were saying Gen III in 2-3 years iirc this makes it sound like earliest is 3-4yrs if all goes well probably 4-6yrs. Hope those Model S/X's have strong selling for that long.


    I'm interested in the X since the S was so good but the stock is just pure lunacy.
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  • Hey Pete


    Are you actually saying that demand for a product that has never be seen or built is not an issue? Really? i guess things like competition, costs, distribution, customer satisfaction, etc just do not mean anything in the world of Tesla fantasy. Why not just create any number for the demand? So todays news says we are going to spend billions of dollars so that in 5 or 6 years we will be able to mfg a lot of cars if the demand is thereJ


    You have all drank way to much koolaid.
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  • No, read the provided brief and look at the timeline to bring the factory online. On page 5, under 2017: "Production launch and ramp"... where do you think those newly produced battery packs are going to go in 2017, 2018, and 2019? Off to sit in the corner to rot?


    Elon said in the CC that the factory production and the production of the Gen3 cars will coincide with one another. Also that all the batteries being made from the factory would be going into the Gen3 cars (as in they are not going to be sold off, or used in the S/X production). So I would expect around a 20k-50k run in 2017, a 50k - 100k run in 2018, a 100k - 300k in 2019, and then 300k - 500k in 2020 (Technically the documents don't say 500,000 cars... some of those packs will obviously be put aside for replacements and such).
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  • experience in manufacturing? Tesla had no experience in manufacturing a full production car either - Top CR vehicle 2013-2014


    shall we talk about rockets too? Part of Musk's genius is gathering the right people at the right time in the right places.
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  • Soon TSLA cars will be able to mint bitcoin while you drive.


    TSLA engineers are also working on a top-secret project to disrupt both the financial and forestry industries. Hint: something about growing money.
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  • So if GEN III cars are produced the first year the gigafactory is producing those cars will be sold at a loss assuming they are right and the battery costs wont come down significantly till a year or two after the factory is open....


    $GOOG does it with android I'm sure it'll work out just as well for cars.
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  • Yeah, I heard that it will be about 5 Billion, and I was thinking that Elon could handle that, he could take that money out of petty cash to pay for it.


    Another interesting tidbit of news was that one of the sites for the Giga-factory is in Texas, and that State has a law that does not allow direct sales of automobiles.


    Now Elon comes down the road with a 5 Billion contract, what do the Texas State law makers do with that State law??? LOL
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  • Since Elon Musk has a tendency to under-promise, it will probably cut the battery cost by 50% and make a number of lower cost EVs possible.
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  • absolutely.
    plus Tesla "is now in the catbird's seat."


    They can become not just the provider of every all electric drive system for every vehicle type, class and design but also can now (over) charge for the energy storage system (a fancy "gas tank" basically) to anyone and everyone.


    why this technology does not exist anywhere else is beyond me.
    don't tell me "the Nissan Leaf has this too" either.
    Their system can't move a 4,000 pound vehicle more than a mile.


    Word on the street is "20 years, 800,000 mile warranty" as well.
    Good luck getting that with a ICE platform.
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  • Speed, it looks like Tesla is selling in stages. They will be selling ME at $45K that opens another niche market and then go down to another model to sell $30K-35K beyond 2020.


    This will avoid the big big stampede and long lists of buyers that they won't be able to fully provide. This will also enhance stock value in reasonable stages.


    I say it's ingenious.
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  • I commented on it and linked to a more comprehensive summary here:

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  • I took the bait today , plan on shorting it , it's against all my investing principles. Made 400. In three minutes , so I go long , or keep my level head ?
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  • 6500 workers at the battery factory is alot more than I expected. I figured they would automate most of the production. Wonder how many employees from Japan they'll import vs training local workers.
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  • I'm sure it is largely automated... but it is a HUGE factory... and you are doubling the world's current battery production. That still takes a ton of people.
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  • TSLA is planning to burn down one of 4 States with its Gigafactory announcements - Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas. I'm going to short it again tomorrow if it goes above 266..
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  • " I'm going to short it again tomorrow if it goes above 266.."


    Tesla have ~30% short position and price is sky high. Half of that short seems to come from when Tesla was under $80. Basically, what I am telling you is that shorters have lost BILLIONS.


    If you want to gamble, that's fine with me. I would rather go to a casino than short Tesla.
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  • I can totally understand saying tesla is too expensive to invest in. It's a risk laden stock. But shorting it is insane. The market can remain crazy for far longer than you can remain solvent.
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  • This is an insane proposition @saguni, if they are able to pull off the factory in 2017, and Elon has done everything he said he would, you are looking at Tesla producing 500k electric cars a year. Assuming they sell every single one of them @ $35k that is 17.5 billion in revenue.


    You are talking about building more than the entire supply of lithium ion batteries at the moment. You can run net margins, cashflows, etc., and I bet there is still upside to the current price. Good luck, it might be a short term drop but long term it is going higher.


    I have no position in Tesla fyi.
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  • add on another ~140k-200k Model S/X and that would be another 14 Billion - 20 Billion in revenue (assuming an ASP of 100k), and you are looking at easily 30B in revenues just from their 3 models. If they achieve their 10% net margin (minus capex) that would be 3B in profit for 2020 or 24.59$ EPS (based on 122 million shares).


    A small 10 P/E would be 240$ 2020 PT.
    A more modest of 50 P/E would be 1200$ PT for 2020.
    If it keeps up with it's insane 100+ P/E you are looking at a 2400$ PT (I don't think this is going to happen, but you never know...)


    So if you don't think you can discount that backwards and come up with a 200-300 valuation today?
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  • Shorting TSLA is a sure death sentence.
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  • You got it ....but for the short crowd !


    I am waiting for Tesla's pick up truck to be unveiled...The Model T.
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  • Will the >30% cost reduction be at the individual cell level or will that be the entire car-ready battery pack?
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  • I'm also getting my deposit ready for the Gen 3.
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  • Absolutely no link to reality. This dance is going to grind to a halt. Long puts into the close. Just couldn't watch anymore.
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  • Shorted TSLA for one day right before earnings and luckily made 30%. Would've lost 30% if I held into earnings. Now trying to get long on a dip but the darn thing just keeps going up!
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  • It could be $270 this week .
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  • Lithium ETF and SQM got a boost I suppose from this news as well. 500k cars would probably at least double the need of raw material, maybe increasing the lithium pricing as well.


    TSLA sold 20k+ electrical cars last year and BMW 11k, maybe there is a new trend to follow
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  • Reading from Zerohedge that if plans would go through this would double need of Lithium in next few years. Same time we see still growing smarphone market with gorwing Lithium needs, smaller per unit but unit numbers being huge.


    Maybe Lithium price will pick up, with any logic it should
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  • They are still gonna be productioned-limited with a 35k car
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  • TSLA 10-K "We have no experience in the production of lithium-ion cells".
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  • Should just buy Duracells from Costco, they have ok pricing
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  • They obviously have a solution to that problem otherwise they wouldn't be planning this whole thing
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  • Elon Musk also had no prior experience with rockets, yet made that work.
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  • In the event Tesla doesn't move 500K vehicles, it can always still sell its batteries to indirect competitors for EV models that don't directly compete with Tesla (for example instead of building an economy compact EV, Toyota builds one and Tesla gives them a deal on the battery) or those still producing gas-electric hybrids.
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  • I would not be surprised to see that happen in the future. Also, don't forget that they are supplying Solar City with battery solutions for on-site power storage now.
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  • I see Elon burped and the stock shot up after market close.


    Careful if you're short because if Mr. Musk has gas TSLA goes to $300 in
    a blink.
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  • the risk of early conversions.


    “Upon conversion of the Notes, we will be obligated to pay cash for the principal amount of the converted Notes and we may also have to deliver shares of our common stock in respect of such converted Notes,” Tesla said in the filing.


    Each $1,000 of principal is convertible into 8.0306 shares of common stock, an initial conversion price of $124.52 a share, according to the filing.


    Tesla hedged its notes offering last year, and effectively increased the conversion price to $184.48 a share, the company said in the filing.
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  • Still will not be able to contract the lithium it needs to meet its absurd expectations
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  • How much do you really know?

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  • "Still will not be able to contract the lithium it needs to meet its absurd expectations"


    Correct. Its not about how much lithium exists in the world but who has contractual and ownership rights. China appears to have cornered fully 1/3 of the worlds economic supply as of last summer and Toyota, battery manufacturers and others have long term contracts on quite a bit from miners worldwide. Tesla has no source of raw materials for the worlds largest battery factory thus the need for a partner not just with deep pockets but one that brings access to the necessary raw materials. And they may have such a partner (for a price) but if demand really is going to escalate for EVs like many hope many industry publications point out we will outstrip supply within a number of years until new mines are developed and still somebody needs to figure out how to economically recycle Li ion batteries to recover materials for use in new batteries to insure a steady, economically viable market long-term. Lots of ifs and or buts.


    A better long-term investment may be in the miners and refiners of these commodities than Tesla. Recyclers dunno- ironically there has been some spectacular fires at facilities attempting high quality element reclamation of Li-ion batteries.
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  • They have time to organize raw material.


    But even if anything runs like planned:


    Max 500K cars


    - Toyota and Daimler drivetrains
    - storage systems


    So we will see how many tesla cars could be supported, but first they must sell the cars.


    So far its still possible that they simple not need the batteries because consumers choose other cars.
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  • I believe it means they will be able to push the price for their battery packs down by 30% and successfully reach the projected selling price for the Gen 3.
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  • Battery technology is evolving so fast it is liable to be obsolete well before the capex is repaid. This shows nothing other than the failure of Tesla to get anyone else to shoulder the cost or risk.


    This s really not good news except banks and brokerages will pump the stock so they get in on the debt issue.
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  • It is quite a risk yes, Teslas current battery 85kwh weights 570kg being a huge component in total picture. Investing to a possibly wrong tech route can get very costly.


    Imagine similar capacity battery with another technology half a weight in five years may leave you with a possible expensive useless factory
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  • I'm sure they have thought about this far more than any of us have and there's no reason the factory can't be adapted to accommodate new technology. In any case it's more of a question of how likely it is that a competitor will successfully implement better tech faster than Tesla, which I don't think many people see happening..
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  • Moon "Battery technology is evolving so fast..."


    Yeah all those breakthrough chemistries over the past decades that never materialized. The sad fact is that incremental improvements to battery capacity are far more likely than any huge jumps. There are promising chemistries such as LiS but it has plenty of problems such as the anode expanding massively.


    But who's to say that Tesla isn't considering using newer chemistries? They of all companies will be on top of any new battery developments.
    27 Feb, 01:33 AM Reply Like
  • "They've thought about this?" Reminds me of the scene in Spider Man 2 where Peter asks Doc Oc if it's safe to have a nuclear reactor with "the power of the sun" in a museum lobby. Doc Oc condescendingly replied "Everything has been accounted for."


    This is a stock wtih a great story, but I wouldn't touch it. Lithium and lithium mining stocks look more promising. ALmost like when Conquistador Cielo won the 1982 Belmont Stakes and was syndicated for $36 million. It was his sire, Mr. Prospector, who was the real value, and went on to dominate the breed.
    27 Feb, 03:59 AM Reply Like
  • Moon,


    you miss the bigger picture Tesla & Elon are aiming at, the whole plan has nothing to do with what future battery technology will be and everything with the different application methods the batteries can be used for. The plan is genius, I don't know exactly what Elon's long term visions will be, but nonetheless we will learn as we go. This is going to be huge and life changing for the whole planet, that is what I can see already happening and car manufacturing will be just a side business in 10 years time for Tesla.
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  • I hope they choose Texas. Tesla did mention possibly opening up a manufacturing plant here in the future for their pickup line so logistically it could make sense. Wind/solar may be more efficient in one of the other states though.
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  • @Yo, yah, you'd think that the possibility of 6,500 employees and what another 2-3,000 ancillary employees (supporting services), that Texan lawmakers would completely ignore the dealership lobbyists and open up Texas to Tesla showrooms.


    I just can't imagine Texas not interested in 8-10,000 new jobs?
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  • The state that offer the biggest incentives get the plant its so easy.
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  • Texas also doesn't need those jobs as Texas has done very well creating jobs in other ways... iirc they have created more jobs since the 2008 recession then any other state (Source was CNN report a few months ago so take it fwiw).
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  • Yo and beryl,


    We know that the projected production of the gigafactory is enough cells for 500,000 vehicles. But if Tesla continues to grow at even half their current rate year on year both the gigafactory and the Fremont plant will soon be at full capacity, and a second manufacturing facility complete with its dedicated battery plant will be needed!


    Planning for this will have to start well before that 500,000 car capacity is reached. I would expect building of the second tier to start when Tesla is running between 150,000 and 200,000 cars per year.


    It is possible that all the sites shown on the Tesla map could eventually be battery manufacturing plants, and each could have a car factory nearby.


    The only alternatives would be to either greatly increase the size of the existing plant or establish additional battery / car factories in each continent for local manufacturing.


    Or just maybe all of this will happen!
    2 Mar, 11:07 AM Reply Like
  • @John, you're right in line with this article (link below), although I can't recall exactly where/when Musk actually said new factories will come on line across the US and Europe, China too right? As I recall there's an assembly plant or two currently in Europe right?
    I honestly haven't thought much past 2020 and NUMMI's capacity of 500K.


    Hmmm, you wrote, "I would expect building of the second tier to start when Tesla is running between 150,000 and 200,000 cars per year." Let's see, using 55% increase in sales YOY,
    2013 22,300
    2014 35,000
    2015 54,250
    2016 84,100
    2017 130,350
    2018 202,100
    2019 313,150
    2020 485,400


    So basically new manufacturing plants need to be in construction or being negotiated by 2018, eh? Which coincidentally is the first year of production for the gigafactory!


    So even if the 55% increase tapers off for Model S and X in 2017, with the GenIII coming online end of 2017 or 2018 any peaking of S & X should be more than compensated for by GenIII sales. Shoot, I just might add to my position at the next dip!


    EDIT - Tesla says GenIII will start 2016-2017! I do believe you've nailed a sweet entry point, catalyst, and or event John! Of course the bear argument will turn to margin pressures in 2016 given the pending ramp up for GenIII, eh?
    3 Mar, 11:34 PM Reply Like
  • As a corollary, If the current deposit structure ensues, then sometime in 2015 Tesla will have a new revenue stream from Gen III deposits to bear on those new factories, eh?


    I am one of those Prius owners eagerly awaiting to put a deposit down on Gen III, I will have 300,000 miles on my Prius in 2016, FYI a new Prius plug-in with the Advanced package will run about $35-40K.
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  • berylrb,


    Apologies for the late reply. I was away from the net for a few days just when everything was happening with Tesla and I can't believe how many articles were waiting to be read when I returned. I'm still catching up!


    Thanks for the link. I hadn't seen that one. I've been following Tesla since well before the IPO and I have a fair idea of how they operate.


    Yes, they have an assembly plant in the Netherlands but at the moment it's just used for final reassembly. The cars are checked in the US and then shipped partly disassembled to get round some of the costs of importing fully assembled cars. As I said, they are very clever!


    I don't think the current factory is anywhere near big enough to house a full production line, but I'm sure that Tesla could set up a European plant in the future and the final assembly equipment from that small plant could be incorporated when they switch over.


    China will have to be carefully negotiated if Tesla want to build cars there as they tend to want a lot of information, very close cooperation with Chinese manufacturers, and have little in the way of scruples about copying if it's worth their while.


    And, yes again, once the order book opens for the Gen 3 the deposits will roll in so fast that I anticipate the first year's production to be sold out within a few weeks. That will be a nice boost as the first deposits will almost certainly be for "Signature" cars. Sure hope there's no big delay between LHD & RHD versions as I'm in the UK.


    I'm waiting for the Gen 3 as well. I'd love a Model S (and my TSLA holding would pay for it with plenty of change left over) but it's just too big for my needs so a Performance Gen 3 would suit me fine.


    We'd best get in fast if we want one in the first year!
    14 Mar, 11:23 AM Reply Like
  • Right on 2016 can't come fast enough!
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  • Again, many people tend to confuse a sound business plan with the irrationality of the market.


    TSLA and Musk are brilliant at creating visions, strategies and plans. Everything they planned so far was sound and brilliantly executed. And be sure, those plans do not just include the "how-to-get there", but there's a lot of SWOT analysis, risk management, prototypes, simulations etc. That is why they work. Most of that may not be obvious from the outside, as the TSLA team will not share with the world the number of failures encountered, the number of alternative plans that have been carefully analyzed and eventually discarded in the favor of the one that we all see.


    Now if the market decides to go nuts with the valuation then that has little to do with the plan. And the valuation will go higher and higher as more promising news will surface, just to correct due to some bad news, or sudden increase in competition, or recession etc. The it will pick up again if TSLA continues to deliver. The stock price will not have too much impact on the good progress of the company as long as they stay on track and continue to develop their vision. Worst case, if a stock crash happens just when they need investment partners then that may affect the negotiation power, but otherwise money is lent and partnerships are built on company fundamentals and future prospects of growth and revenue of the company, not purely on speculative stock price.


    Having bought TSLA shares in 2012 at $35 I decided to sell when it reached $130 in July last year and traded options since. Now I think there's too much risk to buy the stock so I'll stay out and continue with option strategies until the next major correction. The current bull run was quite profitable for me, but I always hedge no matter how positive the outlook is.


    I went into the earnings announcement by buying: TSLA Mar 22 Call 200, TSLA Jun 21 Call 200, and hedged with TSLA Feb 22 Put 180 (as per my previous comment on 17 Feb


    On Feb 25 I sold the above Call options when the stock reached $250 and bought TSLA Feb 28 Call 250, TSLA Jun 21 Call 250, and hedged with TSLA Feb 28 Put 220. This strategy was geared towards the Giga Factory announcement that I knew was due this week. I will close 2/3 of the Feb 28 Calls today and the rest tomorrow, and will sell 1/2 of the Jun 21 Calls today and keep the rest as long as they do not lose more than 20% of their value, just in case the bull run will continue for another few days. As I don't expect any other positive announcements in the nearest future I will not buy other Calls unless a new upward trend settles in the stock, but I will give it at least 5 days. I will not buy Puts either until I see a sudden drop (which will likely trigger a massive sell, which will very likely extend over more than 1 day, so there will be enough potential left to make money with Puts even if I miss half of day 1) or I see a down trend forming similar with the one in Oct-Nov 2013.
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  • As far a s lithium supply ,SQM stock surged yesterday , they have more than enough lithium to supply Tesla for decades .
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  • At this stage, tesla is worth half of BMW market cap...and from reading the comments here on SA, it only gets more is evolving fast and they only rely on EV...a single technology is a risk in my humble opinion....just from a european consumer perspective: between a model s and a porsche panamera hybrid, I take the latter one. I dont know about you folks in califronia? Whatsoever I'm shorting the stock here at 260...
    27 Feb, 09:00 AM Reply Like
  • Same here, dont need a Porsche but Audis new announced Hybrids or Diesel. Arround 200-250 HP and 200-240 Topspeed is good enough for me.


    Cheaper in any way and no compromiss.
    27 Feb, 10:16 AM Reply Like
  • Tesla is financing its Supercharger Network, Model E R&D, and the Giga Factory on profits from its S sales of 35,000 in 2014? BMW is financing their EV line and a carbon fiber company with profits from sales of 1,660,000 cars in 2013. I don't see how Tesla will disrupt any more than it has. The competition has more money and is now committed to EV products. I wonder why the other car manufacturers don't seem as concerned as Tesla regarding battery availability and cost?
    27 Feb, 01:13 PM Reply Like
  • Oh that's easy fgrindle,
    1) the other Manufacturers don't make battery packs with 265 mile range, and
    2) BMW's 2014 models are hybrids not EV's.
    3) Also, Tesla's closest competition, range-wise not vehicle to vehicle, all have Tesla Battery packs.
    Therefore, the other manufacturers don't need to worry about battery availability and costs because they don't have the range and those that come in a distant second use Tesla battery packs.


    Last I checked the closest thing to Tesla's range is the ... ready for this ... Tesla battery pack equipped Toyota RAV4! Go figure.


    I assume that the Mercedes B-Class will have similar range to the RAV4, after all, it also has a Tesla battery pack.


    Here's 3rd and 4th place: "The Spark EV's 82-mile range matches that of the 2013 Honda Fit EV, but isn't as high as that of the 2013 Fiat 500e (87 miles) or the 2013 Toyota RAV4 EV (103 miles)."
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  • Oh yeah, Tesla is actually financing with bonds from ...
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