eBay adds to gains as Icahn, Omidyar fire fresh salvos

|About: eBay Inc. (EBAY)|By:, SA News Editor

Though eBay's (EBAY +2.1%) management and board may not be thrilled with Carl Icahn's war of words with the company, shares are now up 7% since the activist investor took aim at eBay's governance on Monday morning.

This morning, Icahn issued a new letter in which he took up eBay's challenge to have an "honest, accurate, debate" with him (CNBC has offered to host), and say he sent a letter yesterday to eBay yesterday "demanding to inspect all books and records" related to the sale of Skype to an investor group featuring board member/VC Marc Andreessen.

Icahn also calls ex-Intuit CEO Scott Cook's presence on the board akin to Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll "sitting in when the Denver Broncos were constructing their game plan."

Meanwhile, eBay founder Pierre Omidyar is once more defending his company's decision not to spin off PayPal, and calls Icahn's claims regarding Andreessen and Cook "unfounded."

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