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J.C. Penney outlook lifted at S&P

  • Affirming its CCC+ rating on J.C. Penney (JCP), S&P lifts its outlook on the company from negative to stable. "The outlook revision reflects our view that performance has begun to stabilize ... However, in our view, the capital structure is unsustainable, but the company does not have any meaningful maturities over the next 12 months."
  • The stable outlook reflects S&P's view that liquidity will be "adequate" over the next year and sources of cash will exceed use by at least 1.2x.
  • Shares +1.5% AH following a 9.3% rise in the regular session.
Comments (25)
  • CLUB 198
    , contributor
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    "...and away we go!!!!!!"
    3 Mar, 04:48 PM Reply Like
  • jdw55sb
    , contributor
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    The ball keeps rolling. Probably make $10 in a couple of months. I wonder how many years before a dividend is paid again. This is how Buffett made his billions. He bought when everyone else sold and held for years. I am long big time.
    3 Mar, 04:58 PM Reply Like
  • andypochta1
    , contributor
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    couple of months or tomorrow, with so many on short side who knows
    3 Mar, 05:34 PM Reply Like
  • tom cantwell
    , contributor
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    Buffett made his billions buying companies with durable competitive advantages at discounted prices. I am happy for anyone who makes a fat return on their investment, but I will not go long on JCP. They have store shelves...
    4 Mar, 08:28 AM Reply Like
  • shortsqueezer
    , contributor
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    I've never bought bonds. Is it as easy as buying stocks? I'll google it
    4 Mar, 08:58 AM Reply Like
  • PeteCal
    , contributor
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    In 35 years of investing I did just once.
    It was a muni paying a good interest rate,
    a year or two later rates had dripped a lot so I thought I could get a good price for it.
    Baloney, I was offered what I paid for it.
    The broker couldn't explain. I dumped it and never tried again.
    If I ever try again it will be to hold the bond until it expires.
    4 Mar, 09:16 AM Reply Like
  • shortsqueezer
    , contributor
    Comments (668) | Send Message
    Thanks, Pete
    4 Mar, 09:22 AM Reply Like
  • canyeeast
    , contributor
    Comments (4) | Send Message
    Excited to be a part of this epic short squeeeeeze!
    3 Mar, 04:59 PM Reply Like
  • MrWayne78
    , contributor
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    wondering if I should get in now or wait for the pullback. I watched it go down to $5 but did not want to play the game of which way the earnings would go. Sure, 50+ % return would have been spectacular but that is now a should have could have.
    3 Mar, 06:11 PM Reply Like
  • shortsqueezer
    , contributor
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    tough call.. it may not pull back.. I was waiting for same but jumped in anyway
    3 Mar, 07:01 PM Reply Like
  • COBeeMan
    , contributor
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    Sell some put options near the price at which you want to buy the stock. If they hit on a dip, you get the stock, if they miss, you get to keep the premium and can sell more.
    3 Mar, 08:04 PM Reply Like
  • Jack Banser
    , contributor
    Comments (155) | Send Message
    Up about 2% in AH, hopefully the drive continues tomorrow and beyond. I thought we'd see 8 by the end of this week, saw 8 by the end of today instead...
    3 Mar, 06:26 PM Reply Like
  • shortsqueezer
    , contributor
    Comments (668) | Send Message
    cobeeman...that's a great strategy. Brad Castro talks about that a lot as well. I may try next time
    3 Mar, 08:15 PM Reply Like
    , contributor
    Comments (6) | Send Message
    what a massacre, the shorts drive the stock down to an all time low of 4,90 and they certainly are driving the stock back to 10 for the second time around; one thing is for sure, CEO Ullman did not buy, just to paint the tape !!
    3 Mar, 09:02 PM Reply Like
  • DeepValueLover
    , contributor
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    $3.09 billion in equity for the shareholders against $2.42 billion in market value?


    Strong Buy!!
    3 Mar, 09:06 PM Reply Like
  • PeakInvestments
    , contributor
    Comments (5) | Send Message
    ceo sent a solid message to the shorts, NO bankruptcy! the squeeze has only just much fun...these are my favorite stocks...
    3 Mar, 09:13 PM Reply Like
  • Dr Joseph Haluska
    , contributor
    Comments (291) | Send Message
    Hey, guys!
    Please don't buy any JCP stock.
    I want it all for myself.
    3 Mar, 09:34 PM Reply Like
  • cactus jack 65
    , contributor
    Comments (258) | Send Message
    I use to shop at JCP.....
    3 Mar, 10:18 PM Reply Like
  • COBeeMan
    , contributor
    Comments (1255) | Send Message
    Do you have a restaurant in Evergreen?
    4 Mar, 09:49 AM Reply Like
  • maid3717
    , contributor
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    I was impress with JCP's commercials at the Oscar.
    They're doing well to bring customers back.
    4 Mar, 01:29 AM Reply Like
  • njbother
    , contributor
    Comments (189) | Send Message
    I bought the August 2016 8.5% bonds @ 90 cents
    4 Mar, 08:35 AM Reply Like
  • njbother
    , contributor
    Comments (189) | Send Message
    Buy the august 2016 8.5% bonds for 90 cents on the $
    4 Mar, 08:49 AM Reply Like
  • Enersavr
    , contributor
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    If the squeeze goes right, we are looking at $10 in a couple of weeks. All is needed is for one of these so called analysts to call it for what it is rather than pout on the side that they did not get enough love.
    I would even say that after the next report, short of anything major going wrong, this will be a $15 stock, which is where it should be, and that is the lower end of the scale.
    4 Mar, 10:10 AM Reply Like
  • Spacely's Sprockets
    , contributor
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    Let's take a moment of silence to pay our respects due to "my way or the highway" investor Ackman.


    Even after all the damage he inflicted on JCP he never even had a clue when the board was drawing that wingtip back to kick him to the curb. He thought firing Johnson was as far as the board would go. That "to the curb kicking" wounded his pride to the point he unloaded his shares of JCP for scratch.


    You just gotta know he's watching JCP stock rise from the ashes he and his lackey Johnson left behind and feeling that old "what was I thinking" feeling!
    4 Mar, 11:15 AM Reply Like
  • CLUB 198
    , contributor
    Comments (58) | Send Message
    Any DDA "sightings"???
    4 Mar, 02:25 PM Reply Like
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