Yahoo outperforms following BofA/Merrill note, CFO talk

|By:, SA News Editor

BofA/Merrill thinks an Alibaba (ABABA) IPO filing could happen within 1-2 months, and that Yahoo (YHOO +3.4%) shares could reach $45 in response.

Alibaba hasn't yet provided a clear IPO timetable, or announced whether it will go public in New York or Hong Kong. A spokesman recently said Alibaba would renegotiate its deal with Yahoo if an IPO is pushed out to 2015.

CFO Ken Goldman provided an upbeat and mostly Alibaba-free talk yesterday evening at a JMP conference (transcript). He stated Yahoo, whose display ad sales have been slumping, is "seeing some stability" in its top-line.

Goldman also stated Yahoo's spending growth (responsible for a soft Q1 op. income/EBITDA forecast) will slow in 2014, and that it will "continue to look for efficiencies" to offset new investments.