Zynga soars; Mattrick discusses overseas real-money pilots

|About: Zynga (ZNGA)|By:, SA News Editor

During a Morgan Stanley conference talk yesterday afternoon (transcript), Zynga (ZNGA +8.5%) CEO Don Mattrick mentioned his company plans to launch real-money gaming pilots in foreign markets this year.

Mattrick: "We're not at a stage where we're announcing anything. When we're announcing. I'm trying to announce it with the intent to win and to make it global and to make it meaningful to our P&L."

Zynga shares dove last July after announcing (shortly after Mattrick's hiring) it wouldn't be pursuing a U.S. real-money gaming license.

Mattrick also talked at length about his efforts to remake Zynga's oft-criticized culture. "We've taken a couple of layers out of our management team, we've built more purpose-led, dedicated discrete teams ... we will bring new people in who are more energized about the challenge at hand."

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