3D printing stocks fall on Barron's piece

|About: 3D Systems Corp. (DDD)|By:, SA News Editor

A weekend column titled "Beware 3-D Printing!" questions industry valuations, and suggests 3D Systems (DDD -4.2% premarket) could drop 80%.

The column highlights Whitney Tilson's critique of 3D Systems and the company's recent warning, argues 3D printing/additive manufacturing "remains slow and cumbersome," and notes the presence of rivals such as printing services firm Shapeways and leading metal printer maker EOS.

Barron's suggests software vendors Autodesk (ADSK) and Dassault (DASTY) are a better way to play the trend (ed: 3D printing use cases account for only a fraction of each company's sales), and notes the former's efforts to automate design work by leveraging real-life info. "The goal is for a designer to input a function, letting the computer dictate the most efficient design."

SSYS -3.1%. XONE -3.3%. VJET -1.7%.