RBC's Netflix survey upbeat; Comcast speeds improve

|By:, SA News Editor

An RBC survey of 1K+ U.S. consumers found 44% stating they use Netflix (NFLX -1.9%) to watch TV shows and movies. That figure is up from 37% a year ago, and represents the first time it exceeds the one achieved by YouTube (43%, up from 40%). Hulu fell to 27% from 28%, and Amazon (boosted by Prime sub growth) rose to 22% from 15%.

2/3 of Netflix users said they're either "extremely satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the service, up from 63% in November. 69% said they're "not at all likely" to cancel their subscriptions, up from 66% a year ago. Those high satisfaction rates could be helpful if/when Netflix goes through with a price hike.

Meanwhile, Netflix's February ISP speed data suggests its direct peering deal with Comcast provided a lift to streaming speeds: Netflix subs using Comcast had an average speed of 1.68Mbps, up from 1.51Mbps in January.

The figure is still below the 2Mbps+ average speeds Comcast subs were seeing as recently as last September, and also trails those for many other top U.S. ISPs. However, the Netflix/Comcast deal only appears to have gone into effect in mid-to-late February.