TransCanada makes final appeal for Keystone as political implications abound

|About: TransCanada Corporation (TRP)|By:, SA News Editor

The Keystone XL pipeline is the safest and most environmentally sound way to transport Canadian and North Dakota oil to Gulf Coast refineries, TransCanada (TRP) says in its last-ditch appeal for approval, along with more than 100K other opinions during a government public comment period that ended Friday.

More than a dozen environmental groups said in joint comments that Keystone XL would boost air pollution at refineries, carry the risk of tough-to-clean spills and “would not lead to energy independence."

Whatever Pres. Obama's decision, he's going to anger either environmental activists or labor unions; leaders of various U.S. building trades unions gathered in D.C. today and suggested the wrong decision could mean consequences for Democrats in the November elections.

Hillary Clinton also faces a quandary: Some wealthy Democrat environmentalists are considering withholding support for a 2016 presidential bid unless she reassures them about killing Keystone.