Worlds plunges; court allows Activision summary judgment motion

|By:, SA News Editor

The Massachusetts district court handling Worlds' (WDDD -59.1%) patent suit against Activision has allowed Activision's motion for a "summary judgment seeking a ruling that all of the asserted claims in the Patents-In-Suit are invalid."

Worlds has alleged Activision's games infringe patents related to online gaming virtual worlds. The court ruled the patents are entitled to claim priority to Nov. 12, 1996 rather than Nov. 13, 1995, the filing date of a provisional application. By Nov. 12, 1996, products that "embodied all of the asserted claims of the Patents-in-Suit " were in public use for at least a year.

Markman Advisors states the judge still indicated Worlds may have the opportunity to bring a case for future infringement.

The court ruling (h/t Tom Shaughnessy)