Facebook finally launches news feed video ads

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Facebook's (FB -2.8%) news feed video ads, delayed more than once due to user experience concerns, are 15 seconds long (on par with Instagram's video ads) and begin automatically playing without sound. Clicking/tapping on an ad leads it to expand and sound to begin.

Ad exec Brian Boland says Facebook is testing features that allow marketers to decide at what time of day an ad appears, how often it appears, and whom it reaches. Facebook is working with video ad analytics firm Ace Metrix to weed out low-quality ads.

Past reports have mentioned Facebook is looking to charge anywhere from $1M-$2.5M/day for video ads, depending on reach. At those prices, showing the company's 757M DAUs an average of even 2-3 video ads/day could yield a $1B+/year revenue opportunity.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others are all moving aggressively to offer targeted video ad products to brand marketers, and in doing so take a bite out of a TV ad market expected to be worth $67B in the U.S. alone.

Facebook launched a video app install ad product last fall.

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