Former Obama national security adviser urges Keystone pipeline approval

|By:, SA News Editor

Gen. James Jones, Pres. Obama's former national security adviser, tells the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that approving the Keystone XL pipeline (TRP) would send a message to Russian Pres. Putin and other "international bullies" that they cannot use energy security as a weapon, and rejection of the pipeline would "make Mr. Putin's day and strengthen his hand."

The Senate panel is holding its first hearing on the pipeline five years after it was proposed, as Democrats wrestle with its impact on the 2014 election.

Meanwhile, results from Canadian polling firm Nanos Research indicate U.S. support for Keystone XL at 62%, down from 74% in a survey it conducted nearly a year ago - still strong support but moving in the wrong direction, which the pollster says should concern the pipeline's proponents.