Leaked docs point to cheaper iPhone 5C

|By:, SA News Editor

Leaked documents from German carrier O2 indicate Apple (AAPL +0.9%) is launching an 8GB iPhone 5C sporting a local retail price €60 ($83) below that of the current 16GB 5C.

The launch of an 8GB 5C could lead Apple to discontinue the 8GB iPhone 4S, currently the cheapest available model in most markets (the iPhone 4 is still available in some emerging markets). The 4S goes for an unsubsidized $450 in the U.S. (it's free with subsidies), and the 16GB 5C for $550.

Sales of the plastic-shell 5C have underwhelmed, as buyers in most markets overwhelmingly opt for the more advanced, aluminum, 5S. Soft 5C sales were a reason Apple missed Dec. quarter iPhone unit forecasts, albeit while posting a $60 Q/Q iPhone ASP increase.