Keystone foes now gunning for Dominion's Cove Point LNG export project

|About: Dominion Resources, Inc. (D)|By:, SA News Editor

Green groups call on Pres. Obama to reject pending applications to build liquefied natural gas export terminals, and "as a good-faith test case," Obama should force the FERC to conduct a broad environmental impact assessment of Dominion Resources’ (D) proposed Cove Point LNG export facility in Maryland.

The energy required to liquefy and ship gas at Cove Point would raise the fuel’s greenhouse gas emissions to the level of coal, activists say, threatening the climate like pipelines tied to developing oil sands in Alberta, such as Keystone XL.

The Energy Department already has conditionally approved Dominion to export up to 770M cf/day of natural gas to countries that don’t have free-trade agreements with the U.S., but the FERC still must review the company's plans to revamp its decades-old natural gas receiving terminal so it can instead liquefy the gas and load it onto tankers bound for Japan and India.

FERC so far is on track to require only a smaller environmental assessment of the planned $3.8B export project.