IsoRay up 24% on heavy volume

|By:, SA News Editor

Shares of nano cap biotech IsoRay (ISR) continue their up move that began with an opening gap on January 7 when the firm reported the FDA approval of its liquid cesium Cesitrex.

Today's recent price of $1.36 represents a 147% gain from the January 7 close of $0.55.

Investors should exercise caution here considering ISR's market cap of $43M and miniscule sales of $1M/qtr (2013/2012 revenues declined ~7%).

The company executed a public offering in May. The sole book runner was Maxim Group LLC.

A bullish article was published on March 14 at 11:47 am. At precisely the same time, buy orders were placed for ~136,000 shares at $0.84 - $0.89.

10 mutual funds have positions, up from 9 a year earlier.