Lawyer appeals ruling that blocks U.S. collection of award in Chevron case

|About: Chevron Corporation (CVX)|By:, SA News Editor

After beating plaintiffs’ lawyer Steven Donziger in court earlier this month, Donziger has filed an expected appeal of the verdict that he used fraud to secure a $9.5B pollution judgment against Chevron (CVX) in Ecuador and seeking an emergency stay of Judge Kaplan’s decision while a federal appeals court considers the merits of Donziger's challenge, a process that could take months to resolve.

Donziger's lawyer says Kaplan's ruling is unlikely to survive review from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals; the company says the appeal is another attempt by Donziger to avoid taking responsibility for his actions.

Meanwhile, CVX is asking the judge to award it $32.3M in attorney fees, a sum the company says reflects only part of the total costs it incurred.