FAA says Boeing 787 Dreamliner review finds plane is safe, design is sound

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

The FAA says its review of the Boeing (BA -0.5%) 787 Dreamliner finds the plane is safe and its design, including groundbreaking use of composite materials and increased reliance on electric systems, is "fundamentally sound."

Prepared in the wake of two lithium battery fires that sparked major international accident investigations and grounded the Dreamliner for several months last year, the report determined that the global fleet's reliability during the first 16 months of service was comparable to previous new Boeing models.

However, the report also highlights some shortcomings, recommending Boeing ensure suppliers are "fully aware of their responsibilities" and "identify realistic program risk," while saying the FAA needs to step up oversight of foreign and "high-risk" subcontractor facilities.